10 Mistakes That Still Haunt Naughty Dog

From humble beginnings designing games with their Apple IIs, Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin have paved the way for a massive gaming empire. Naughty Dog is one of the heavyweights in the AAA gaming industry, with a lineage titles that pushed the boundaries of visuals, presentation and technical skill.

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Even with other generations of consoles, this old dog has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to learn new tricks. Unfortunately, no developer, not even one as powerful as Naughty Dog, is entirely without fault. Despite being one of the giants in the industry, the company’s occasional mistakes have put them in the niche from time to time.

ten Naughty Dog chose to remove Tawna instead of redesigning her

Tawna was introduced in the original Crash Bandicoot like the damsel in distress that the eponymous marsupial must save. Unfortunately, Universal Interactive felt it was too salacious for a children’s franchise, prompting Naughty Dog to quietly drop it from subsequent titles.

Despite fan speculation, Jason Rubin claims that Crash’s younger sister Coco was never intended to replace Tawna, and expressed regret that the two did not co-exist in the second game. Fortunately, Tawna will reappear in the N-Sane Trilogy, nitro fueled, and Crash 4 – sporting less promiscuous redesigns.

9 Jason Rubin regrets the characterization of Jak in the first game

Although he was relatively happy with the end result, Jason Rubin regretted some of the committee design approach when designing main character Jak. Every branch of Sony participated in the character’s consultation, with the Japanese division expressing a preference for a more human-like design.

In addition, many staff members had already worked on gex, which was criticized for its constant one-liners. To avoid creating distance between the player and the protagonist, Rubin chose to mute Jak – a choice he also regretted. Ironically, Rubin found Daxter to be a more endearing character because he was more the product of singular vision.

8 The Uncharted movie is another terrible adaptation

The live-action adaptation of Naughty Dog’s action-platforming franchise is another entry in the long list of terrible movies based on video games. After a turbulent 14-year development period that saw the departure of several administrators, including bumblebee Travis Knight and Dan Trachtenberg from The boys fame, live action Unexplored The film starring Tom Holland and Mark Whalberg was panned by fans and critics.

Despite poor reviews, director Ruben Fleischer claimed that Naughty Dog and Nathan Drake’s voice Nolan North worked closely on the film every step of the way.

seven Jak II flopped overseas

Crash Bandicoot was one of the few examples of a Western game property that achieved massive success in Japanese markets. Jak & Daxter: the heritage of the precursors received the “Gold Prize” in Japan for sales over 500,000 units, but it failed to match Crash Hit. In addition, The success of Grand Theft Auto III changed industry expectations.

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Jason Rubin Asked Former Sony Chairman Shuhei Yoshida Whether To Continue Jack and Daxter. Yoshida expressed his support for the series, prompting Naughty Dog to make some changes to the sequel. Unfortunately, James IIThe darker tone of alienated Japanese gamers, leading the sequels to stay overseas.

6 Penta Penguin placeholder lines left in Crash Team Racing

Deep in Naughty Dog’s latest foray into the Accident was a secret unlockable character that even the testers didn’t know about. In Crash Team Racing, players can unlock Penta Penguin by entering a special code in the main menu. However, this secrecy may have led to a notable blunder.

The story goes that when modeler Rob Titus got a copy of the game, his first instinct was to unlock every character. But, to his horror, when he played Penta, he heard the voice of programmer Gavin James deliver the placeholder line”Penguin Yay One.“Unfortunately, it was too late to correct this error.

5 Jak X’s memory card bug nearly broke the game

The first copies of Jak X Combat Racing ended up with a bug that corrupted players’ memory cards when autosaving. In many cases, the bug filled the memory card with unusable data that could not be erased or moved. The only way for players to work around this issue was to remove the memory card during gameplay and manually save it from the menu.

It apparently went so badly that Sony went so far as to offer affected gamers a free copy of James Xa new memory card and a free copy from a selection of SOCOM: Navy SEAL titles in exchange for their glitched game.

4 Way of the Warrior shows everyone has to start somewhere

Naughty Dog’s first CD title is, unfortunately, their most embarrassing. 3DO was oversaturated with terrible interactive movie titles that were barely games, so Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin had the approach to bring a genre to a platform that lacked one.

While their intentions were noble, the end product is little more than an inferior carbon copy of another violent fighting game franchise. Either way, it caught the attention of Universal, who then signed them to a three-game contract, which led to Accident. Nevertheless, Jason Rubin would later apologize to Ed Boon for scamming mortal combat.

3 Universal is the reason Naughty Dog lost its beloved marsupial

Before Naughty Dog partnered with Sony, they had deals with several publishers, such as EA and Universal Interactive. Universal picked up Naughty Dog’s The Warrior’s Path when he had no publisher and helped produce Crash Bandicoot. However, Naughty Dog only received a fraction of the games’ profits and were often denied the time or resources they needed to develop their titles.

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According to Andy Gavin, no one at Universal except Mark Cerny knew anything about video games. Lured by Sony’s developer deal, Naughty Dog made the reluctant decision to leave Universal and Accident to move to greener pastures.

2 Development issues plagued Jak & Daxter The Lost Frontier

When transitioning to the PlayStation 3, Naughty Dog was split into two groups. A group has been assigned to work on the next entry in the Jack and Daxter series for the PSP, while the other was working on a small title known as Unexplored. Neil Druckman, who would later direct The last of usserved as designer for Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier.

However, the transition to the PlayStation 3 proved to be more difficult than expected, prompting many employees to quit. The lost frontier the team was then asked to work on Unexplored, while the abandoned Jack and Daxter the title was awarded to High Impact Games.

1 The Last of Us Part 2 Polarized Reviews

While many of the complaints about the sequel were just petulant grunts from “anti-SJWs” unhappy that a big-budget game had the audacity to feature a lesbian protagonist, critics were made in good faith. HarrisMichael Brewis mocked the game’s message, jokingly, “Oh, was it wrong to murder a bunch of people – with a knife“Jim Stephanie Sterling claimed it”lovingly simulates detailed brutal violence and occasionally stops to be sad about it.

One of the harshest criticisms came from Yahtzee Croshaw who accused Ellie of lacking character growth and criticized the supporting cast for validating her blind pursuit of revenge.

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