11 Main Event Mistakes WWE Made In 2022

Over the past few years, a metaphorical hurricane has swept across WWE’s front office. It started in 2020 with a steady hemorrhage of talent releases, contract expirations and staff departures disguised as “budget cuts”. Since the calendar was flipped, it has snowballed into a carousel of multi-faceted nonsense.

The past six months have been host to the most baffling game of McMahon family musical chairs. Shane was reintroduced, then fired when he started playing his own game at the Royal Rumble. Triple H retired from the ring and returned to the office following a heart attack. Stephanie stepped down for about two weeks before assuming the reins of interim president and CEO. Meanwhile, the current president and CEO of Talent Relations are facing their hottest legal waters in 30 years and an ongoing investigation by the WWE Board of Directors. Worse, it’s not their only current PR nightmare.

There’s also the random mess of the immensely popular Women’s Tag Team Champions. Leaving the company amid creative frustrations in mid-May, Sasha Banks and Naomi literally laid their championship belts on the desk ahead of a scheduled main event on RAW and never looked back. Although subtle hints have dropped on and off, WWE still refuses to release an official statement confirming their departure.

Things are almost as inconsistent on camera. Given the circumstances though, this maelstrom of chaos is almost enough for WWE to be forgiven for dropping the ball multiple times in their main event photo…


WWE’s most admirable feat of incompetence this year may well have happened in the first four hours of 2022’s broadcast.

When the ongoing pandemic sent immunocompromised universal champion Roman Reigns to the sidelines momentarily, anticipated challenger Brock Lesnar entered Atlanta on New Year’s Day without an opponent. Then the powers that are called an audible.

An otherwise commendable six-match card was booked by an 11th-hour announcement of Reigns’ absence and Lesnar’s reassignment to the WWE Championship match. While the closest itself was an engrossing demolition derby, the writing was on the wall. Sure enough, the night ended with “The Beast Incarnate” once again as the WWE Champion. Most reprehensible, however, was who took the fall in the contest.

It was most likely suspected that then-WWE Champion Big E would walk out empty-handed in the evening. However, the five-man free-for-all has created an opportunity to crown a new champion without sabotaging the trajectory of the current champion. Rather than attributing the loss to Seth Rollins or Kevin Owens, whose Road to WrestleMania had yet to materialize, Lesnar instead butchered a promising reign by defeating the champion himself.

Even in the aftermath, Big E’s main event, WrestleMania, was not inconceivable. A Royal Rumble victory four weeks later and subsequent pursuit of the WWE Championship would have been a pretty easy story to tell. Unfortunately, WWE had much bigger and much dumber plans in mind. Another cruel twist of fate saw Big E trade the WWE Championship for a neck brace two months later.

Get well soon, E. We all miss you.

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