5 mistakes to avoid

In an era when civilians travel to space aboard a private rocket, Bollywood music makes an appearance at an Apple event and brands roll out campaign after campaign to stay relevant, branding exercises have gained a place at the top of the marketing ladder. . To stay ahead of the game, brands must not only position themselves uniquely, but also retain their target audience. Creating a brand design strategy that strikes a chord, especially with changing customer preferences, can be a challenge.

Here are five mistakes you should avoid while laying the foundation for your brand’s design language:

Mistake 1: rushing into the trend

Don’t start the branding exercise without complete clarity on what your brand stands for. Branding is an evolutionary process, and once you have the answer to this question, everything will fall into place. No one wants their brand to look outdated, but what is trendy today may not have the timeless lifespan you need. Make sure your branding strategy aligns with the unique essence of your brand.

Mistake 2: Not focusing on your brand’s personality

Switching from one brand personality to another can be confusing for your target audience and often even for your employees. They’ve probably started to associate your brand with certain elements: a color, a font, an icon, a writing style, maybe. The key to keeping your audience hooked is to make the personality you’ve built shine. Try to build on existing language so as not to break existing associations and recognition patterns. Be careful when making any changes that could lead to a lack of trust on the part of your customer. That being said, if something is not in line with your main brand, feel free to say goodbye to it.

Mistake 3: not being genuine

As a brand, it is essential to be authentic and consistent across all consumer touch points. If you project yourself differently each time you speak, it can be extremely confusing. More so, being consistent even in your internal communication is crucial to help build employee confidence and ensure they are invested in your brand.

Mistake 4: neglecting relativity for your target audience

Today, branding is all about storytelling. It’s not just any story, it’s the story of every customer. No brand would exist without its customers, they are your main stakeholders. Understanding your customers’ issues and incorporating those paint dots into your brand’s mission and vision is what will help you be successful. You need to articulate your goal in a way that resonates with your target audience if you want to win.

Error 5: Not testing the logo to the nearest pixel

Your organization’s name and logo are your fundamental artifacts and assets. They have so much meaning in them: a deep personal meaning and rising aspirations and inspirations of the Founder. Large companies are constantly investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in their logo design because a strong logo is your main differentiator. Do not hold back ; give free rein to your creativity: sketch, vectorize, model and finally adapt the room perfectly to the pixels. Whatever your budget, it’s essential to test your logo designs with a focus group or pre-launch survey, as even the most expensive designs can fail.

– This article is written by Shreyasi Singh, founder and CEO and Archit Raj Thapar, Head of Design, Harappa Education

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