6 common mistakes first-time laptop buyers make

When shopping for a laptop, remember these six rules and you’ll be ready to work from your home office with ease. (Image: Pexels)

Few things compare with the fun of getting a shiny new device. Whether you need to spruce up an old laptop or invest in your first one, it can be easy to get carried away with the excitement and find yourself making mistakes in the process.

Whether it’s a specific look or aesthetics of a device or forgetting some important specs, here are six common mistakes people make when investing in a new laptop:

1. Focus on the price

Whether you’re looking for good deals on the cheapest device or looking for the most expensive to polish your home office, a price tag doesn’t always reflect the quality of the device. While you can find good quality laptops at affordable or high prices, it’s important to look at specifications, port capacities, and more before you simply choose the cheapest or most expensive device. expensive. It’s important to research what you’re looking for in a device to know you’re getting what you pay for – as some cheap and expensive devices may not have all the specs you need and you might even be paying too much for things. that you will not use or need in the long term. Research will help you find the right location for your budget and tech needs.

2. Focus on finding the highest screen resolution or storage space

While it’s important to know what specs you want in a device, it’s best not to dwell too much on one or two specs. A 4k resolution screen sounds good in theory, but unless you are working on high resolution photos or video editing, it’s not really necessary, nor can you really enjoy the full 4k experience. on a screen the size of a laptop. Likewise, while storage space is important, it shouldn’t be the big decision when buying a new laptop. Newer laptops are more likely to run on SSD storage, which runs faster than traditional spinning hard drives and gives you a fast working experience. While you can find a cheaper spinning disk hard drive with more available space, the quality and longevity may not be as reliable. If you find that you need more than the highest SSD storage option available, investing in a spacious external hard drive will allow you to easily back up older projects while enjoying a high-speed device.

3. Buy for the needs you have now

It can be easy to focus on what we need out of a device right now and skimp on things we might need in the future. A good quality new laptop will last you a few years before needing an upgrade, so it’s wise to consider what needs you might have in the future. Avoid opting for a device that will not be able to handle software updates and new programs without compromising speed and efficiency over the years and consult technical advisors about a device’s longevity before purchasing it. .

4. Thinking that size doesn’t matter

A small 13-inch laptop might look cute and easy to move around, but small laptops don’t always have the power and processing power needed for big projects and tasks. Make sure to check the specs and capabilities of the devices before investing in the device. Smaller laptops also offer less display uptime and the keyboard can feel cramped, making the ability to complete large projects or multitask with ease a real challenge.

5. Overlooking connectivity ports

If you find that you commonly use specific USB ports or SD card slots, be sure to verify that your potential new device has all the ports you would need. Most modern laptops tend to narrow their ports down to USB C ports only – so make sure the device you get can accommodate your connecting devices with ease or budget in the possibility of needing an adapter. port.

6. Purchase without searching for details on the device

Finally – buying a laptop on a whim without research is a game of Russian roulette. You may get lucky, but it’s not worth the risk. Checking online reviews and comparing pricing options at different retailers will allow you to find the perfect device for all your laptop needs and find the best within your budget.

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When shopping for a laptop, remember these six rules and you’ll be ready to work from your home office with ease.

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