A notorious Grimsby criminal raided every room in an elderly woman’s home as she slept

A drug-addicted burglar who brazenly raided an elderly woman’s home as she slept escaped with a pile of sentimental items, including jewelry, during a messy search of her home.

The vulnerable pensioner woke up at 7am the next day to find a window had been smashed and all rooms had been entered while she slept, Grimsby Crown Court heard.

The thief then broke into another house while the occupant was on vacation and valuable jewelry and other items from this break-in were found inside a stolen car which he was seen driving at high speed. speed with deafening music.

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Joshua George, 27, of Castle Street, Grimsby, has pleaded guilty to two offenses of burglary and the like of handling a stolen car and without insurance or a driving licence.

Craig Lowe, prosecuting, said the elderly woman lived alone in the four-bedroom detached house in Archer Road, Waltham, and fell asleep around 9 p.m. on September 19. She closed all the interior doors before doing so but woke up at 7am to find them all open upstairs and downstairs.

Joshua George has appeared in court several times this year but has now been jailed for a rooftop incident

She realized that a downstairs window had been smashed and the kitchen cupboards were all open, with items strewn on the floor. “She went to check a jewelry box in the master bedroom but found it was missing,” Mr Lowe said.

It contained items of sentimental value, including rings, charm bracelets, watches and a locket. Police obtained CCTV from a neighbour’s house and George was identified.

The woman was “of a shaky and nervous nature” and was taking medication. His family was concerned for his well-being.

In a second burglary, George raided a three-bedroom semi-detached house in a cul-de-sac in Ashbourne, Waltham, while the occupant was on holiday. His son went there on November 28 and found that a patio door window had been smashed and items had been stolen.

They included nine luxury watches, five rings, all in gold or diamond and including a wedding band, as well as a gold pendant with a chain, diamond earrings, a laptop, a mobile phone and clothes . Lateral flow tests had also been stolen. All of the items, except for a gold ring, were later found in a Volvo car that had been stolen in another burglary on November 22.

The car was spotted in Grant Street, Cleethorpes, at 4.30am on November 28, driving at high speed down the street, with loud music playing.

When the car reversed, it collided with another vehicle and drove off at high speed. He was chased but managed to escape. Police recognized George as the driver and items stolen from the Ashbourne burglary were later found inside.

Joshua George caused trouble on Hainton Avenue for five hours while on a rooftop, but is now behind bars
Jessica Wiltshire smuggled drugs to jail for Joshua George, who caused trouble on Hainton Avenue for five hours while on a rooftop, but is now behind bars

George turned himself in to Birchin Way Police Station on December 27. He had been convicted of 62 prior offenses, including 24 for dishonesty such as burglary, attempted burglary and theft as well as assault, taking a vehicle without consent, criminal damage and violation of a domestic right. violence protection order.

Mitigating Ben Hammersley said there were gaps in George’s delinquency which proved he was capable of leading a life without offense. He was suffering from problems at the time, including strained relationships with family members, and he acted out of desperation.

“He was on drugs at the time and it actually made it a lot worse,” Mr Hammersley said. George’s remand had allowed him a break to “get his head straight” after his struggles.

“He wants to change his life and become a productive member of society again,” Mr Hammersley added. “He doesn’t want to go back to his old life by bothering the courts again.”

Judge Michael Fanning said of the burglary involving the elderly woman: “Your victim was particularly vulnerable.”

George was imprisoned for two years and seven months.


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