A young budding entrepreneur

A young entrepreneur named Noureen Afrose Piya started a business very early on. At the very beginning, she dreamed of becoming a model, but as she got older she changed her mind. Then she dreamed of developing as an entrepreneur. Now she is slowly moving forward with this target in sight. Another of her other identities is that she’s a content creator.
At just twenty years old, she founded the online fashion brand ‘Arts Of PiYa’, where she designs clothes herself. Beyond that, there is another area where it manufactures herbal cosmetics with various organic products of domestic and foreign origin. Its hair oils and hair wraps help reduce and stop hair loss. She gets a good response in a short time to her two initiatives.
She dreams of becoming a successful female entrepreneur. Noureen Afrose Piya said: “I decided at the end of 2018 that I would become an entrepreneur and start a business. I am a very empowered girl because of which I wanted to create an identity different from mine without any support from the For this I had to work hard to manage my studies and do something productive, and I still do. .
She added, “It’s really hard to do that much in student life, but I still do. I design clothes for my brand myself, I also have to do the work of making cosmetics. There is always an effort to innovate. and do something unique. On top of that, I love to do videos and blog. I try to blog whenever I have time. “
She has also received numerous modeling and acting offers. But she did not accept these offers, her dream now revolves around her brand. “I’ve received a lot of offers over the past two years, but now I’m not interested in showbiz anymore,” she said.
At one time, there was a lot of interest in becoming a model or an actress. She no longer has that desire. Now she wants to move forward with her brand.
Announcing his future plans, Noureen said, “I believe people are as big as they dream of. If the intention is honest, the Creator will show it the way to success. I dreamed of my business. Like my dream, the scope of my work will be much larger. I want to establish myself as a successful female entrepreneur. I intend to go far in the future with my brand. I want to expand my points of sale all over the country, I am working in this direction now. “
“I also want to blog, I will always try to continue the work of the content creator. At the same time, I feel satisfied to participate in various social activities and do something for them.”

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