Abandoned to be unveiled in early 2022, the studio promises

BLUE BOX Game Studio, developer of horror games abandoned, has promised to show more of the game in the first quarter of 2022. Application real experienceAnd What was a complete fiasco at launchIt should also be updated with a new look and a playable demo.

The information was posted on the studio’s blog. According to the text, the Technical offer You will prove “the technology behind abandoned In real time, it features visuals and sound, as well as the use of haptic feedback from the DualSense control, which adds a new layer to the horror experience. The notification must appear in a file PS5 When the update is ready.

On Twitter, BLUE BOX posted a photo showing the eye of an unknown character:

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Some users have come across a similar statement on the console itself, as well as an image of a mysterious woman.

“We want to offer something worthy and worth watching,” the company says. They indicated that they are aware of the mistakes of the propaganda campaign for this abandoned They say they don’t want to “make the same mistakes again”.

“It was all just a huge learning curve for us. We want to deliver a game that you can enjoy.

For those who don’t remember, they promised to release an all-new trailer for abandoned In an app for PS5. The problem is, after numerous delays due to “technical glitches”, the video in question was just a five-second teaser that had already been posted on Twitter.

Studio CEO asks people to calm down

After months of silence, Hassan Kahraman, CEO and founder of BLUE BOX, asked players to be patient. He wrote on his Twitter profile that “people need to calm down” and that “toxicity creates a lot of stress and tension”.

He also noted that his company is an independent studio. Therefore, anyone who expects a three player game (i.e. a game with a big budget) should reconsider their expectations.

Despite a lot of confusion and frustration abandonedVery few details are known about the game as yet. Described as a “cinematic first-person survival horror shooter,” the game will take place “in a very detailed open-world environment, favoring a realistic approach to survival. “.

“Jason Longfield wakes up in a strange forest. Abandoned and without remembering how he got there, Jason soon discovers that he has been kidnapped and taken there for a mysterious purpose. Struggling for his survival, his main objective is to escape.


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