Adolescents Can Develop “Internet Gaming Disorder”

This disorder is defined as compulsive use of electronics, both online and offline.

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A new study shows that one in 20 teenagers suffers from “Internet gambling disorder”. It’s understandable that parents are increasingly worried about how much time their teenagers spend playing games, whether it’s video games or online games. It may feel like consuming their life, but it is often ignored as this is just the way the world is right now, and it is their reality. However, studies are underway to see how this can impact their lives and why parents may want to take it a little more seriously.

According to US News and Xpress medical, a recent survey shows that a large number of adolescents can live with an Internet gambling disorder. This disorder can have significant impacts on their physical and mental health. This can include trouble sleeping, depression and anxiety, and even thoughts of harming yourself.

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The study was carried out by conducting telephone interviews with nearly 3,000 American students between 2007 and 2015. This found that 1 in 20 of them had an Internet gambling disorder. This disorder is defined as compulsive use of electronics, both online and offline. This is considered addictive, just like other addictions, and comes with many side effects.

Dr Maurice Ohayon was one of the study’s authors and he had advice for parents who think their child may have this disorder. He said that like any addiction, it would be considered a disorder if it caused major disruption in their lives. An example would be if a teenager stays awake late to play a game and then cannot get up in the morning to perform normal chores. It’s also something that is a role model, and not just something that happens from time to time.

The researchers also said the disorder is still under investigation because they do not yet have enough information to make full judgments and “rules.” Since the use of video games and the Internet is a more recent development, there have not yet been enough studies to determine the exact risk involved. This is why studies like this and others are so crucial to knowing how much of an impact it has on the younger generation, what can put a child at higher risk, and what the possible outcomes might be. It is also important to continue the studies to see what resources and supports can be put in place to help those who are there.

Sources: US News, Xpress medical

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