Apply to foreign universities? Follow these 8 essential tips to create a good student profile

Over the past decade, the number of Indian students wishing to pursue higher education abroad has increased exponentially. This attitude of the students has undoubtedly led to the increase in the marks obtained in 10 + 2 and undergraduate studies.

As a result, reserving a seat at elite colleges and universities abroad is comparatively more competitive than ever. This is because there are many students vying for seats. The second-largest nationality on college campuses around the world is Indian, with over 750,000 Indian students pursuing graduate studies at educational institutions across continents.

Different aspects of a good student profile

Now the question is what makes a student stand out from the crowd. What parameters make a student unique?

The answer is unique: the profile they present to the admissions committee of a university or college.

It is easier to think of presenting the profile as a piece of cake, and precisely at this point, many students slip away. Therefore, it is essential to pay special attention to the preparation and submission of the profile.

Thus, to become unique among many applicants, it is necessary to develop a profile that instantly catches the attention of the members of the selection committee. Here are some tips for building a great profile and applying to the best colleges abroad.

Guide to building a solid profile

  1. Place the USP (Single Point of Sale) – It is necessary to place the unique selling point and make your academic record visible in front of the university admissions committee. In this case, it is necessary to start by noting the strong points. Instead of recklessly mentioning USP, it is helpful to cite instances or examples that fully support the mentioned quality and form a basis for academic and professional life. The qualities mentioned should also be the ones that will help in the future as well.
  2. Build a concrete CV – The university committee has to review a huge pile of applications and choose the most suitable candidates according to the particular program. Therefore, it is essential to create and present an effective resume to the selection committee. It is a necessary parameter of the university application. The resume should address everything that makes an application worthy. He improvises the evaluation of his candidacy.
  3. Opt for shorter sentences and be careful with grammar- The curriculum vitae should give a crystal-clear picture of academic achievement. The resume should contain such topics as academic achievement, certifications, work experience, research publications, extracurricular activities, community service, and other relevant details.
  4. LOR (Letter of recommendation) is also essential and advisable – As it is mentioned that the taking of notes with the strong points is a priority to mention the USP, it is even essential to mention the recommendation made by the people to his application according to the skills. Recommendations are based on skills such as academic records, accomplishments, communication skills, creativity, motivation, integrity, and other skills. School and college teachers help provide the recommendation letter as they are truly qualified to assess a candidate’s performance and credentials.
  5. Building a well-rounded personality – Universities and colleges aspire to admit students who reflect well-rounded and holistic personalities. If the candidate has an impressive academic record and professional experience, it is high time to develop a versatile personality. Qualities such as a sports enthusiast, leadership skills, entrepreneurial skills or other relevant skills can join the social cause. The enhancement of skills improvises the impression on the selection committee.
  6. Diversify profile – Besides technical skills according to profile, mention other new skills through certification courses and mention any experience that adds value to the profile, such as volunteering for a particular project or participating in conferences / competitions. These unique attributes amplify the profile’s value and increase the chances of admission.
  7. Declaration of Intent– This is the ultimate save and can either break it or make it. It understands the interest in the university and the course, the reason for its choice, its career support, the reason for choosing the particular college, etc. The Statement of Intent includes the dedication, passion, inspiration and inspiration behind the next step. Therefore, be sure to induce enough good words to rock the admissions committee.
  8. Represent goodwill- It is also essential to show moral values ​​on the profile. Working with NGOs will improvise the intention to be altruistic. It doesn’t just have to show that the job is done for college admission. The universities are very impressed and appreciate the students who participate in these community services. The advantages of this point are more than the others. It is recommended that the act be taken for up to 6 months.


The construction of the profile requires the understanding of the student. The main objective is that the application seems “more desirable” for admission. There are study abroad companies that cater to students in order to give them a solid chance to be selected by the university of their dreams.

The second wave of the pandemic has caused travel restrictions imposed by several countries. This put students aspiring to study abroad in difficulty. Explaining this, Mr. Ravi Lochan Singh, Managing Director of Global Reach, which is one of the leading consultancy organizations, said: “Until recently, around 70% of Indian students applying abroad were doing masters in United States. But now job prospects are better in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

These study abroad companies work on how the student can reach and enter the university of their dreams. Consultants are experienced and are great leaders. The profile is reflected on with the student by asking relevant questions to understand his past, present and future details.

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