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The Rendezvous Bar is the pride and joy of owner Jimmy Green. Deciding to make changes to it was not an easy decision.

With rugs that local musician Todd Cooper once said “give me nightmares” and murals that had become obsolete, Rendezvous employees like Bethanie Bray felt it was time for a change.

“Bethanie just didn’t want to let him down… So I said, ‘OK. OKAY. Where do we start? ‘ Green said.

With an updated look that includes newly painted walls, new flooring and a few tech upgrades to the bar, the business, located at 619 Felix Street, will be presenting itself to visitors again on December 3 and 4 with a great reopening and customer appreciation nights. Both evenings will include karaoke.

Making the changes at the bar came with pain of all kinds, physical, financial and mental. For several weeks, Green, along with Bray and coworker Amanda Stoner, painted over the old murals, tore the carpet near the stage, and installed tiles. Professional flooring installers install the new flooring for the bar.

“I was in so much pain,” Green said. “But I feel better this week. I still have some mowing around the ground, but I’m not going to do it this week because I don’t want to go for a walk on Friday and Saturday like (mimics her back with severe pain). I want to take advantage of it.

Green and his employees are ready to take advantage of it. Running the Rendezvous for 28 years, the updates are some of the biggest changes the bar has seen. While Green feared losing his dive bar feel, he kept the vibe with characteristic red lighting and stage walls covered with old concert posters and flyers.

“I put my foot on the ground with the stage. The posters on stage remain. I said ‘I’m going to give up the murals. But I am not giving up the posters, ”he said with a laugh.

Looking at the bar, Green is proud of the adjustments. The walls look bigger and cleaner, with LED lights and 3D artwork accentuating the space. Green also said the space is bigger with the new flooring.

“It makes him look a little bigger. Everyone who has commented on it has said so, and it seems broader, ”he said.

After seeing many bars on Felix Street come and go, Green said one thing that won’t change is the location of the Rendezvous or the way the staff treat their customers.

“There isn’t a lot of downtown when it comes to nightlife, so when people come out of downtown they come here just because I’ve been there, so they know I’m here and they know exactly where I am. I haven’t moved, ”he said.

Because Green is there all the time, he said he wants people to feel safe and welcome.

“I have been lucky with all the clients I have. I think part of that is because we welcome everyone, ”he said. “People have told me, ‘We come here because we feel welcome and we feel safe.’ That’s what I want.”

The events are free and open to everyone from the age of 21.

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