Bang Energy launches Whole Lotta Chocolata ™

WESTON, Fla., Oct. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Bang Energy is known for leading the energy drink category with new and innovative drinks, and its latest energy drink could be the craziest concept yet. ! Bang Energy has released a chocolate flavored energy drink called Whole Lotta Chocolataâ„¢, which is a chocolate lover’s dream of galactic proportions! It’s a whole new way to taste chocolate with the energy you love from Bang Energy, containing 300 mg of caffeine plus EAA, Super Creatine® and CoQ10.

Jack Owoc, CEO of Bang Energy, said: “In 2009, Illustrated sports wrote an article that I featured in and they called me the “Willy Wonka” of the supplement industry. Journalists observed the manufacturing and research and development processes of our drinks, but were amazed at the flavors and samples I tasted – which I still do today. I was quoted in the article saying, “All blending and taste testing is part of my constant quest to stay ahead of the competition! Illustrated sports I have arrived.”

Twelve years later, Jack Owoc aka “Chilly Willy Wonka” really lived up to his name and delivered Whole Lotta Chocolataâ„¢.

“Lately, I’ve seen a lot of companies create ‘energy recipes’ that include Bang Energy drinks, such as ice cream makers, mixed fruit drinks, and cooking recipes,” Owoc explains. “It just shows that if you create a premium, flavorful drink like Bang Energy, people will find innovative ways to use the product in their own creative ways. Can you imagine the recipes that include chocolate incorporating Whole Lotta Chocolata? The possibilities are endless for chocolate lovers who want a boost of energy using Whole Lotta Chocolata!

Bang Energy has launched over 38 revolutionary and delicious flavors! To the delight of consumers, Bang Energy continues to reinvent the game of flavors, not only in the energy drink category but in all drink categories around the world! The company literally pushed all of its competitors to achieve a new standard of excellence. Its latest taste innovation is the brand new Whole Lotta Chocolata sensation!

“It’s daring; It’s brilliant; it will blow you away! Imagine a sparkling and crystalline creation that can only be described as a revolutionary plot of Whole Lotta Chocolata à la Willy Wonka®! ”—Jack Owoc, CSO Bang Energy

About Bang Energy
Jack Owoc is the CEO and Founder of Bang Energy® and its extensive portfolio of allied brands. Bang Energy was founded in 1993 with one goal in mind: to produce the highest quality, university-proven sports supplements and performance drinks around the world. Bang Energy has funded approximately 30 landmark human-subject studies on its products, including Bang® and Redline® energy drinks, at UCLA, University of South Alabama, Florida State University, Baylor, University of Southern Maine, Memphis University, College of New Jersey, CRF and other top universities in the country. For more information and daily updates on trends, workout tips and supplement research, stay connected by following Jack Owoc on Instagram, @ BangEnergy.CEO, visit the Bang Energy website, www, and follow Bang Energy on Instagram, @BangEnergy.

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