Beckie Ainscough: boxing MMA, training with Molly McCann and title dream

Former amateur MMA fighter Beckie Ainscough prepares to fight in her first professional boxing bout. The Liverpudlian sat down with GiveMeSport Women to tell her story and what the future holds as she continues to advance in her career.

Despite being a booming name in the combat sports industry, it wasn’t until she was 16 that she took her first step in the ring. A solid background in the football family allowed her to embark on a playing career on her own, but the allure of boxing completely changed her career arc.

“Boxing has always been a sport I wanted to get into. When I was 16 I went to a boxing gym and loved it, ”Ainscough said. “I had three amateur fights but after that I didn’t really have any fights. So next to where I trained there was an MMA gym and [the trainers] asked me ‘Why don’t you try this?’ “

I ended up trying Thai boxing, wrestling and jiu-jitsu and before I knew it I was standing in a cage

Ainscough’s amateur career began in promoting Cage Warriors mixed martial arts. She immediately set the scene on fire with a unanimous decision victory over Bryony Tyrell in 2014. The Scouser took two out of two wins in her next fight, coming out victorious in the seventh round of the Shinobi War competition in 2016.

His last MMA fight was in 2019 against Manon Fiorot – the first professional fight of his career. Ainscough suffered a knockout loss in South Africa, but is still looking forward to the opportunity to fight outside of Europe. After that, she made another career change and returned to her favorite sport, boxing.

“I was involved in MMA for a while but continued to be injured and sick and last year I injured my ankle in Thailand. From there it all just sent me back to boxing , to be honest.”

Mma in boxing

Ainscough will compete in his first professional boxing fight in July in his hometown. She will relaunch her senior career after making the transition from the cage to the ring. She admitted that adjusting to the change was a challenge and that she was forced to give up a few habits she had learned during her previous exchange.

She had to get used to adjusting her posture during training, while also moving away from the many disciplines involved in mixed martial arts.

Ainscough went on to talk about the importance of studying physiology in women’s sports in order to improve fitness and limit the number of injuries seen in the ring.

“This is a huge thing that has been lacking in sport for years and has been a problem in my past,” she explained. “There is more information on this now as the studies typically focus on male athletes, but not on women, although we are clearly different.”

Fight inspirations

Ainscough is currently training at Liverpool’s famous Golden Gloves Gym, which is home to local talent including Commonwealth Gold Medalist Anthony Fowler. The philosophy of the sports hall – which has been in existence since 1947 – is to give the young people of Liverpool a place to train in a safe environment.

“It’s an inspiration,” Ainscough said. “When I first walked in there, I was like, ‘This is a gym for champions,’ I just got that vibe.”

Before moving on to the Golden Gloves, Ainscough trained at a local MMA gym alongside one of the sport’s biggest names, Molly McCann.

The 31-year-old flyweight continues her ascent in the spotlight with a record ten wins from her 14 professional MMA fights so far. Nicknamed Meatball Molly, because she worked the night shift at Subway, the British compatriot recently moved from Liverpool and left the gym she shared with Ainscough, who admitted it was “drained” because she loved having a combat partner.

Another fighter who inspired Ainscough’s game is Natasha Jonas, who recently faced Olympic gold medalist and world champion Katie Taylor. Jonas is also from Liverpool and has been a beacon for many Liverpudlian talents in the fighting world.

Moving forward, Ainscough explained where her visions take her as she contemplates her boxing career.

“The ultimate goal is definitely to become a world champion,” she said proudly. “There was an Olympic dream but I’m still fairly new to the sport so we’ll see how it goes.”

In a sport heavily dominated by men, women are quickly becoming the focal point of world boxing. Boxers like Taylor and Sandy Ryan are ushering in a new era of women’s fighting, set in motion by legends like Nicola Adams who laid the groundwork from the start. Ainscough’s likes are now an integral part of boxing makeup as they welcome emerging talent to the ring.

“It’s definitely better for women,” she said of the fighting world. As she prepares to enter her first major fight on July 31 against an yet-to-be named opponent in Liverpool, there is every chance that Ainscough could be the face of the next generation.

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