Benedict Cumberbatch directs upcoming sci-fi thriller Morning | Entertainment

Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast in the upcoming sci-fi thriller ‘Morning’.

The ‘Doctor Strange’ actor boarded Justin Kurzel’s new film as Frank alongside his on-screen wife, Cathy, who plays ‘Big Little Lies’ star Laura Dern.

‘A Quiet Place’ actor Noah Jupe, 16, is set to play the couple’s son, Danny.

The film is set “in the near future where society has a pill that removes the need to sleep. With the added help of an artificial sun, there is no end to daylight, life and morning work. However, as a younger generation grows deprived of the world of sleep, they plan to rebel to reclaim their dreams.

“Ambitious and driven Cathy (Dern) was one of the first to champion a sleepless world, but as she and her son Danny (Jupe) pick up the pieces of their lives after the death of her husband Frank ( Cumberbatch), she finds the universe she helped build begins to crumble around her, as memories she fought so hard to suppress bleed into her waking life. Dragged into a subversive underworld of dreamers, Cathy must face her nightmares and fight to save her son.

The script comes from Sam Steiner and Benedict is producing under his SunnyMarch banner, reports Deadline.

The 45-year-old actor’s last role saw him play breeder Phil Burbank in the critically acclaimed ‘The Power of the Dog’, and he has previously admitted he enjoys playing someone who was very different from him.

He said: “As someone who is a bit people-pleasing and apologetic at the best of times, who worries too much about what people think of me, I loved the freedom to be somebody. one that wasn’t in that space. Of course, there’s this deep core of truth that he never allows to be exposed, and that ties into the magnitude of the fear and the rage that we know ‘he has.

“But he can also stand behind his back and watch all these scenes with a kind of quiet acceptance and knowing. And not get caught up in the hype of worrying about what the ranch hands think of him. He’s very sure of himself. I admired that.”

Benedict also reprized his role as Doctor Strange for the hit Marvel blockbuster “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

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