Boulder Valley District E School Board: Kara Awaitha Frost

Kara Awaitha Frost, District E candidate for the Boulder Valley School Board. (Courtesy photo)

Name: Kara waits for the frost

Website URL:

Age: 46

Family: Married to Aaron for 21 years; Braden, 12, and Emily, 10

How long have you lived in your city? 12 years

Professional experience: CU Boulder instructor and supervisor for high school math students; 26-year-old educator teaching mathematics, English as a second language; was vice-president of the district teachers’ union.

Political / community experience: Advocacy with national advocates for the mentally ill; Kiwanis Volunteer Club

Education: Bachelor of Education, summa cum laude, mention in diversity and English as a second language; master’s degree in counseling and secondary education and programs.

What do you think of the BVSD’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, and what would you like to see evolve?

Their response was typical; The BVSD and the schools of our country have been catapulted into uncharted territory. As we move forward through COVID-19, I would like to create think tanks (with input from our taxpayers, local businesses, students, teachers, and school district leaders) that lead to difficult conversations. , hard work and change. According to US News & World Report, we live in the best city in the country, and I believe that through collaborative conversations and hard work, our district will accompany this accolade and be named “the best school district in the country” (both during and post-pandemic).

How can BVSD fill the gaps for students of color, students from low-income households and students learning English?

I specialize in working with low income English speaking learners (Title 1). From my experience, I have found that in order to close the results gaps, districts need to allocate additional funds to the population at risk; reduce class sizes; provide teacher training by qualified and exemplary teacher trainers who will remain on staff to provide ongoing support to teachers and students; involve local businesses and community members and invite them to join and support our schools; and provide students and families with emotional support and coping mechanisms to cope with trauma. Our students have been through an immense amount of emotional trauma over the past 18 months, and as educators we must first take care of their hearts and emotional states before introducing a new curriculum. All students should learn to feel listened to, valued, supported and loved, so that they feel safe to take risks, make mistakes and learn new content.

We also need to provide additional compensation to COVID-19 teachers for weekly team celebrations, planning and data analysis, and providing authentic enrichment resources.

I am the social change agent you are looking for! I have a deep love and passion for working with all children and I am motivated by teaching communities to come together and connect by celebrating their commonalities and differences. I believe that all students should have access to the same opportunities and support and will work day and night to ensure that all BVSD students are in classrooms where they feel safe, loved, heard, challenged and supported.

What are your priorities for the BVSD budget?
See website.

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