Braintree driver convicted of crashing four cars

A DRUG driver swerved in oncoming traffic and caused a stack of four vehicles that left a child with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Wayne Coe, 60, was driving his van on Broomfield Road in Chelmsford when he suddenly entered oncoming traffic and collided with oncoming cars.

Colchester Magistrates’ Court heard he hit the right side of one car, before hitting another head-on.

Police captured photographs of the crash scene, which took place on April 24.

A victim was in his car with his five-year-old daughter as a passenger.

She described the conditions as dry and sunny and was driving around 20mph on the 30mph stretch of road.

“The truck crossed the center line in front of me,” she said.

“I braked and steered left to avoid the pickup.

The woman and her daughter were trapped in their vehicle and had to be rescued.

“Mr. Coe stayed by his vehicle and did not approach us or say anything,” she said.

She said she suffered whiplash, cuts and bruises to both legs and right shoulder, leaving her unable to work.

Her daughter suffered cuts and bruises to her chest and has since been diagnosed with PTSD.

Police suspected Coe, of Telford Road, Braintree, of being under the influence because his “pupils looked very small and he was very vague about what had happened”.

The court heard in custody that Coe was drowsy and falling asleep.

A blood test revealed he had 20 mcg of cocaine per liter of blood. The legal limit is 10mcg.

Sharon Hall, prosecutor, said: “In an interview he said he did not think he fell asleep, but was tired because he had only slept three and a half hours.

“He said he had taken cocaine three days before.”

Coe admitted to driving without proper care and attention and to driving while under the influence of drugs

Paula Fell, attenuating, said Coe was “absolutely devastated” by the accident.

She said he wasn’t sure if he hit a speed bump or a curb before the crash, which she described as a “really nasty” crash.

“Fortunately, as it is insured, there are very many outstanding bodily injury claims,” she said.

Ms Fell said Coe still suffers from physical difficulties due to the injuries he sustained.

“He also has breathing problems from COPD, which has worsened considerably since that incident,” she said.

“He lost his job and no longer works, he now has to rely on benefits. ”

Coe was banned from driving for two years and fined £ 300.

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