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Los Angeles (AP) – Britney Spears has been released from her father. And she could be completely released from judicial review within a few weeks.

With a pop star triumph, a judge on Wednesday suspended the singer’s father from a tutor who had managed his life and money for 13 years, saying the deal “reflected a toxic environment.” Made.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny accepted a petition from Spears and his attorney that James Spears should step down from his role as guardian. The move comes months after Britney Spears appealed her father’s dismissal in a dramatic hearing and said: “I want my life back.”

After hearing discussions from both sides, the judge said: “The current situation is unacceptable. “This reflects a toxic environment that requires the suspension of James Spears.”

And there’s no objection to ending the Trusteeship, Penny will likely end it at the Nov. 12 hearing, and years of #FreeBritney voices that she eventually attended. After the rise of the singer, she reconsiders her choices of life and money.

James Spears applied for the proxy in 2008 and was its lead administrator and biggest champion. He has turned the tide in recent weeks, asking the judge to immediately end the guardianship system, arguing that this would make his dismissal meaningless.

The singer and her lawyer agreed the power of attorney should be terminated, but argued that James Spears’ firing was an important first step.

Britney Spears did not attend and in any way attended the hearing. Her father connected remotely but did not speak during the procedure. His lawyer said there was no reason to fire him.

“There is no fragment of evidence to support the suspension. His case is perfect, ”lawyer Vivian Sorene told the judge.

Penny said her decision “cannot be appealed,” but Thoreen said she would seek appeal options nonetheless.

After the hearing, singer lawyer Matthew Rosengart said Britney Spears “faced a decade of nightmares, and Kafkaesque’s nightmares were coordinated by her father and others.” Rosengart has vowed to pursue “a more serious impact on his illegal activity”.

Lawyers say they plan to “top-down” the actions of James Spears and his representatives, and law enforcement is investigating the New York Times’ exposure to a listening device installed in the her daughter’s bedroom. Suggested that it should be done.

Fans were thrilled with the decision.

“I am delighted from the bottom of my heart,” said Lorin Cisco of Hawaii, who flew to Los Angeles for a hearing, saying she was in court for all of the proceedings last year. “I am very excited about what she has to do with the rest of her life.”

Hours before the hearing, vehicles were closed on Main Street outside the courthouse and around 100 Spears supporters marched to welcome the rally. I have to! And other Britney parents chant. As the crowd grew, fans sang Spears’ hits “Toxic” and “Baby One More Time,” and speakers explained the abusive guardianship that affected the family.

Former federal prosecutor Rosengart, who was cleared to hire Britney Spears in July, is one of the few lawyers in court and has long played against James Spears, similar to pleadings in criminal cases. Provided a typical broadside.

He used the word “toxic” several times, alluding to Spears’ hit in 2003, before the judge echoed it in his ruling.

“He was abusive, cruel and toxic,” Rosengart said.

The lawyer said Britney Spears had sent him to court with instructions to do everything possible to get her father out, and if he stayed, she said she was “very distraught”.

He said ending the power of attorney and starting settlement negotiations, as counsel for James Spears suggested, meant he was still in power when his father was removed.

“Britney Spears is worth waking up tomorrow without having her dad as a guardian,” Rosengart said. “Can anyone really dispute it?” “

Rosengart argued that he wanted to end the trusteeship system because he did not want James Spears to hand over the record of his transaction to a successor who could investigate his “corruption”.

Soleen replied that James Spears had undergone the necessary judicial inquiries for years and had never been asked to fire him.

“Everything Spears did for Miss Spears was his biggest concern. His biggest concern is to wake up tomorrow and not participate in the guardianship system.

As Rosengert reported in the Times and FX Network’s “Managing Britney Spears” documentary, James Spears may have engaged in his illegal surveillance, including communicating with children, boyfriends and lawyers. He claimed to have crossed the “immeasurable border”. One of two dueling documentaries broadcast the day before the hearing.

“They listened to some of my clients’ most intimate communications,” Rosengart said.

Thoreen dismissed the claims as “no evidence” and “rhetoric from television shows”.

James Spears stepped down as his daughter’s so-called guardian in 2019, managing her life decisions, only retaining his role as custodian of her property and managing her finances. low.

Penny appointed John Zabel, an accountant elected by Rosengert and Britney Spears, as her financial guardian until the end of the year, but agreed the guardian could end well sooner. Made.

Forensic expert Jody Montgomery is currently acting as someone’s guardian for Britney Spears and agrees that he can and should end his parental status. I am.

NS The adult guardianship system was established in 2008 when Britney Spears started a public spiritual struggle as a horde of paparazzi chased her everywhere and she lost custody of her children.

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