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Brits are being warned to avoid a common mistake people tend to make when trying to save money on their energy bills because it could end up costing them more. Consumer Watchdog Which? said people shouldn’t ditch central heating for electric heaters as they are expensive to run and won’t lead to savings.

Many Britons are looking for ways to save money on their energy bills this winter, but people are being reminded that electric heaters can cost 68p per hour to run per heater.

While gas central heating is slightly more expensive at 84 pence an hour, using two electric heaters would work a lot more.

Instead of ditching central heating for electric heaters, the experts at Which? recommended six more ways to save money.

One surefire way is to turn down the temperature on the thermostat, as that could lead to significant savings, but there are five other things people could do.

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However, replacing central heating with an electric blanket could make a big difference and help people reduce their energy bills.

Starting tomorrow, Octopus Energy is offering 10,000 free electric blankets to its most vulnerable customers.

Rebecca Dibb-Simkin, chief product officer at Octopus Energy, said she implemented a similar program last year, which helped customers pay an average of 19% less on their bills.

She said: “Heating one person rather than an entire home can save hundreds of dollars on a customer’s bill, and sometimes we know how much people struggle, so hopefully these blankets can make a real difference. difference.”

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The price cap increased on 1 October and will no longer exceed £2,500 for households with typical use – meaning it could be more than that if people aren’t careful.

However, by taking five minutes to reduce the temperature to 50C on their condensing combi boilers, households can save up to 8% on their gas bill, which is around £300 a year.

Energy Guide Spokesperson Jennifer Warren said: “One such action people can take immediately is to reduce the boiler flow temperature on their boilers.

“In fact, a recent report from the Heating and Hot Water Council (HHIC) suggests that households can save 6.4-8% energy by reducing the heating system to the average flow temperature by 50 °C on their combined condensing boilers.”

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