Brown noise, the latest trend to sleep faster and better

In social networks, the fashion for brown noises is multiplying, and we tell you exactly what they consist of.

Sometimes it’s not easy to fall asleep, whether it’s because you’re nervous, you have some kind of worry, it’s very hot or very cold, or it’s just not your night, and if you don’t have a sleeping pill, chances are that not even counting sheep can cause you to fall back into a good dream.

Fortunately, there are many tricks to help you fall asleep better, some tricks more effective than others, but recently there has been a lot of talk on social networks about the so-called “brown noise” and it seems that it helps a lot to calm down. you and fall asleep much faster and deeper.

You could say that brown noise is a type of sound tone that encompasses low frequency sounds and bass which differs from so-called white noise which includes sounds from across the spectrum.

Some examples of brown noise would be that made by thunder, waterfalls or some low animal roarsand it seems to work for a lot of people on social media.

However, there are people who, after listening to brown noises, claim that their mind is calm for the first time in a long time and it gives them calming effects.

In any case, brown noise seems to help a lot people with ADHD, who use it to help their minds tune out a bit so they can focus a lot more.

Although no research has been done on brown noise, yes there have been studies on the use of sound tones in general for sleeping.

Research has also suggested that auditory stimulation may improve memory in healthy young people while increasing slow-wave sleep in older people.

Either way, although certain sounds can help people relax a lot more, if you have trouble sleeping you should see a doctor.

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