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Kelsey Jones, a graduate of the College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE), where she earned an Associate of Science degree in Veterinary Science, wants to continue her education to fulfill her dream of becoming a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

She has already started the process, having secured a place at St George’s University in Grenada, which offers a five-year veterinary medicine program for which she has been accepted. But with the academic year starting August 16, and her first semester tuition fees expected the last week of July, she has taken on a challenge that can prove insurmountable without help.

“Since I was so young, I have thought about what the dream is and how I will get there. I am at the last step, and right now I need someone to believe in me and give me the opportunity to make my dream come true, ”Jones said. The gleaner.

Jones said the program is not offered in Jamaica, reinforcing his decision to apply to the regional university. Like many other students enrolled at the university, she said she had considered scholarships, but found that some were not available in areas outside of Jamaica. Yet, she continues to apply to those for whom she is eligible. “I have applied for any scholarship I’m entitled to, even if it’s a small scholarship,” Jones said while waiting for a response.

She has also contacted several organizations, and while many businesses are struggling financially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she has received two positive responses. The Jamaica Education Center has agreed to make a small contribution. In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture offered to help him find scholarships.

With the goal in mind, nothing is too much for the aspiring vet. Jones continues to work and run his small pet grooming business to raise the necessary funds, and has even created a campaign on the popular GoFundMe crowdfunding platform. The campaign premiered on May 31 with a goal of US $ 34,000. To date, no donation has been received, but she is optimistic. Although her combined efforts took her away from her end goal, she expressed gratitude for the support she has received so far. “Every mickle mek a muckle. Every contribution counts. I’m never going to stop pushing until I get there, ”Jones said.

At 19, she has an attractive CV. The ecologist is currently a zookeeper and veterinary technician. She graduated from CASE with a GPA of 3.71, regularly earning A’s and B’s.


The Portland native is an alumnus of Titchfield High School and has received a number of awards. She recently received the CASE Graduation Award of Distinction 2021 and the CASE Top Performer Award.

At the age of 12, Jones founded an environmental club for young people which expanded to include greenhouse cultivation and various other projects. At her place foster mother, Jones is known for her leadership as Founder and President of the Youth and Environmental Club at Fair Prospect Garden, and as a Youth Representative of the Fair Prospect Garden Citizens Association. This has had a huge impact on community growth, employment opportunities and environmental awareness in her community. She received the Prime Minister’s Youth Award for Environmental Protection in 2017.

In the future, she hopes to own a veterinary clinic and shelter and make all-natural pharmaceutical and nutraceutical veterinary products. “Animals in Jamaica are severely abused and not getting the care they deserve,” she said. This is something that she hopes to change after she finishes her studies. In the long term, she hopes to rid the streets of stray animals and help enforce animal welfare laws.

To donate to Kelsey Jones ‘campaign, visit or make a transfer to Kelsey Jones’ NCB Savings Account, # 844157452.

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