Coaches say you need to do this thing every week for a better workout

With life as busy as it gets these days, quality over quantity is a good rule of thumb when it comes to exercise. Not only are long workouts exhausting, but they’re unrealistic for most people’s schedules. Paying attention to your technique and being present for a shorter period will make regular exercise easier, and it will be sure to yield steady results. We asked sports performance and fitness expert Denise Cervantes what common mistakes you might be making when it comes to your workouts and what you should be doing each week instead to get the most out of them.

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Above all, Cervantes stresses the importance of technique to see results and prevent injury. “I love telling my clients and classes that ‘every rep has to be perfect for the results to be perfect!’ and they love it. If you can’t get perfect form, you might be wasting your time.” With lazy reps, you underuse the muscle you intend to work, creating poor results or no results at all,” she says, “When you get into your routine, make sure you’re focused. on the muscle you want to give the work to and use that muscle. For example, in a bicep curl, learn to open your elbow and use the momentum of a swinging body to curl your bicep. Prepare your body and focus on using the biceps to work the rep, feeling the blood flow to the biceps If you’re on a budget and can’t afford a trainer (this is the majority of people!), watching videos can be helpful in making sure you are holding the correct poses. Overall, remembering to go slow and leaning into every move is essential to ensure you don’t strain your muscles or injure yourself.

While poor technique is one of the biggest mistakes people can make, Cervante shares other tips when it comes to making sure your body is able to perform at its best.

“Hydration is great when we’re involved in any training routine, but not just during your workout. You need to make sure you’re hydrating as part of your daily routine. Morning, afternoon , in the evening, make sure you are well hydrated.This will benefit you in your workouts, keep you focused and help you recover, keeping you ready for the next workout.


While it’s important to use good technique and stay hydrated, sometimes we miss these areas when life is busy. At times like these, it’s important to remember that progress is more important than perfection. “Remember that progress will never be linear. The journey to your goal looks like an irregular line to your goal with many ups and downs. If you stay consistent, you are always on the way to your goal.

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