Coffee County BOE Approves Increase in Nurses’ Salaries and Counselor Contracts | New

The other topic of discussion during the working session was Killingsworth’s request for an additional $ 4,000 per year for Sharon Stinson, Head Nurse of Coffee County Schools. He again cited increased workload as the reason for the demand.

“As we all know, this last year has been very, very difficult, especially for our school nurses. Our senior nurse, Nurse Stinson, received no additional funds to have to perform all of her duties as a senior nurse, which again, much like our counselors, is beyond the scope of a simple school nurse, ”he said. .

In addition to unanimous approval of the two requests during the meeting, the board accepted an offer for roofing projects at the central office, New Brockton High School and Zion Chapel in the amount of $ 424,603. from Old South Roofing.

In his superintendent’s report, Killingsworth acknowledged the Smith family of Kinston, the Killingsworth family of Zion Chapel, the family of Stanley Walker, the recently deceased former principal of New Brockton High School, and several teachers and staff. who have health problems. He also took a moment to mark the end of the 2020-2021 school year and thank his staff for bringing it to a close.

“I’m not perfect and I know I’ve made mistakes, but as we sit here on the last day for the students, we’ve been through a very, very difficult time and have been successful without having to close our schools. . get off and come home, ”he said. “We were very close on several occasions, and without the extraordinary efforts of our staff and employees, we would not have made it. We have had a lot of people who have done a lot of things that they don’t normally do and shouldn’t have done, but they still did for the good of our students and our schools. I will be eternally grateful for these efforts. I am happy to arrive on this day.

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