EIB supports plant proteins and green chemistry with € 50 million loan

The agro-food group Avril has been granted a loan of 50 million euros (43.3 million pounds sterling) by the European Investment Bank (BEI) to develop plant proteins and support its renewable chemistry activities.

The funding will support the production of protein for human consumption and animal nutrition from oilseeds.

Oilseed meal for livestock is produced by grinding rapeseed, sunflower seeds, and protein-rich plants.

Avril also produces vegetable glycerin, a by-product of the manufacture of biodiesel and other formulations made from vegetable oils, including rapeseed, sunflower, soybeans and coconut.

Ambroise Fayolle, Vice-President of the EIB, declared: “By supporting the Avril group’s research projects in plant proteins and green chemistry produced from biobased materials alternative to fossil resources, this loan is fully in line with the he European ambition to strengthen our food sovereignty. , essential to achieve the climatic and environmental objectives set by the Paris Agreement. “

Jean-Philippe Puig, Managing Director of the Avril Group, declared: “The confidence of the EIB and its support for our research projects will clearly accelerate the commercialization of concrete solutions from the agricultural world, ensuring outlets for the entire region. oilseed industry, at a time when the reduction of dependence on proteins, as well as the decarbonization of materials, represent crucial issues for people and our planet.

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