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Carrie Geitner: Public health lied.

A feud over El Paso County’s public health resulted in the county commission chairman berating a co-worker, who was then lambasted as “intimidated.”

The tiff began on Dec. 7 when commissioners passed the county’s budget of $ 502.9 million for 2022.

Commissioner Carrie Geitner proposed two amendments; both failed for lack of a second. The first would have redirected the $ 150,000 of additional funds entered in the public health budget for 2022 towards roads. The Second Amendment would have channeled him to the district attorney’s office.

Geitner then dropped a long criticism of the public health’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. She prefaced her remarks by quoting excerpts from Patrick Henry’s famous “Give Me Freedom” speech in which he states that certain topics are too important not to be debated in the public arena.

“It’s very easy to start thinking that we should be doing our whole talk and all of our contentious arguments are being played out in private,” she said. “This is not what our government is designed to do.”

Geitner said public health had grown too powerful, came under a mostly unelected council and “did not respond to the people.”

Therefore, she argued, the ministry should not be “allowed to have more public funds to pursue its tyrannical goals.”

“Public health is not a reliable source of information, due to its inability to recognize real and emerging science,” she continued, accusing the department of using propaganda to control citizens and of “repeat the left’s political narrative of ‘trusting science’ while censoring science.”

She then read a study published by the Brownstone Institute which claims that natural immunity through infection is the way through the pandemic.

She said the study showed that those who recovered from COVID have stronger immunity than those who were vaccinated against the disease. (Johns Hopkins University Experts Say that “COVID-19 vaccines are recommended, even if you have had COVID-19. At present, evidence from Johns Hopkins Medicine and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention supports getting a COVID-19 vaccine as the best protection against getting COVID-19-19, whether you have already had the virus or not. “)

“Although we don’t have a warrant here,” Geitner said, “we continue this lie that people who don’t get vaccinated are selfish, and which at first glance is contemptible to me, and is also a lie. . There are many reasons why people can make this choice, including having natural immunity. “

She also accused Director of Public Health Susan Wheelan, although she did not name her (Geitner referred to her by her title), of “lying” to the community. She also lied, Geitner said, promising not to impose quarantines on schools, but then recommended them.


Stan VanderWerf: Decorum, please.

Public health has also ignored “genius voices”, including that of Ben carson, that COVID vaccines for children are a “giant experiment”.

“I also think it’s laughable that we’re trying to scare people, quite frankly,” she said. “There are too many people who claim that any hesitation about vaccination is irrational… It is not fair and it is not true. I am not going to sit idly by while my civil liberties are threatened. “

Commission Chairman Stan VanderWerf said he “sympathized” with his comments, adding that he did not have much faith in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and that the current Biden administration “Made a lot of mistakes to keep talking about the vaccine … I wish the current administration would stop doing this and start talking about what else citizens can do when they talk about their personal health.” “

He called it a “huge mistake” to demand that healthcare workers be vaccinated and that “natural immunity” should be included in the number of people vaccinated against COVID.

But he credited public health with refraining from becoming political or imposing masks and / or vaccines.

On December 12, the medical director of public health, Dr. Robin Johnson, publicly announced her intention not to renew her contract when it expires at the end of the year.

At the Commissioners’ meeting on December 14, VanderWerf revived the discussion.

“There was an unfortunate event that took place last week where a dedicated and hard-working senior official was attacked verbally and publicly. We are here to debate politics and budgets…. Personal attacks will not be tolerated and it will not be part of the business of the board. . “

He said that in the future, if a commissioner, or anyone attending a commissioners meeting, comes down in a similar fashion: “I’m going to call the speaker out of order and get back to county business. “

He then said, addressing Wheelen who was not present at the meeting, that the board “deeply appreciates your service to this county. Over the past two years your work has been exemplary. . “.

Geitner then replied that she knew the president’s comments were directed to her.

“I will take the opportunity to say that I am 100 percent behind the comments I made last week. I will not be intimidated by either the chairman of this board or anyone else to doing anything other than standing up for the voters that brought me here. I’m not here to make friends, and I’m not here to pretend that nothing is happening. , mr president, you can call me whatever you want, but i will never stop talking … especially when i am a whistleblower [am] pointing out the dishonest behavior that has been created in public health, which is absolutely my duty and my job, Mr. Chairman, and I will continue to do so and stand up despite your intimidation. “

VanderWerf then cut her off, saying, “This painting is now in recess.”

Asked about the exchange, VanderWerf told the India, “I think it’s important to have some decorum during the board meeting, and I felt we were falling short of that goal. doing this in a public forum, we may have disagreements whether we think item A or B should be funded. These are all legitimate conversations. Also, if a commissioner or anyone has a problem with a particular person, my recommendation is that it be inappropriate for this meeting, especially when it borders on personal attack.

“If I hear a future personal attack, I will ask the person to abstain, and if they are not able to control themselves, I may have to suspend the meeting and let the heat dissipate a bit.” , did he declare. .

Geitner did not immediately respond to an email asking him to comment further on the exchange. If and when we hear from him, we’ll update this blog.

The commission is made up of Republicans, all of whom oppose the mask and vaccine mandates.

Last spring, we asked local authorities if they had been vaccinated, including the commissioners. While VanderWerf and fellow Commissioners Holly Williams and Cami Bremer said they got the photo, Geitner and Longinos Gonzalez Jr. said they didn’t feel comfortable sharing the information.

VanderWerf recently tested positive for COVID, which led to the decision to postpone his state of the region address at a recent Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC luncheon. Gonzalez said he did not agree with the decision. VanderWerf says he’s recovered from his infection.

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