Expert reveals interior design fails you should NEVER do

AN EXPERT revealed interior decorating failures you should never do – so how many are you guilty of?

Chris Carroll, 39, from Australia, has had his say in everything from flat furniture to huge TVs and wall art.


Interior Design Expert Chris Carroll Revealed Common Mistakes We Need To Avoid

Here is his verdict on common household goods crimes, which he gave to …

1. Flat pack failure

Ikea is inexpensive interior decorators’ best friend across Britain, but don’t be tempted to put it all in white.

Chris says, “Flat pack furniture is beautiful and all, but if every room in your house has a brilliant shine, you have more problems than Woman’s day on your hands.

“A room filled with all-white melamine furniture can appear cold, clinical, and sterile.”

Add wood and other materials to make it a warmer space.

2. On the box

Chris is not a fan of large televisions or shiny white furniture


Chris is not a fan of large televisions or shiny white furnitureCredit: Alamy

While on lockdown, watching Netflix or Line of Duty was about as much fun as it gets, so it’s no surprise that many of us go for big TVs.

But Chris isn’t a fan, explaining, “Unless you’ve paid $ 150 for a little popcorn and a teenager shines a torch in your eyes periodically throughout a movie, I have to tell you. the bad news is that your living room is actually not a Hoyts movie theater.

“As such, stop buying TV screens that dominate the space.”

3. I have it covered

Your downstairs toilet should NOT look like a bookcase


Your downstairs toilet should NOT look like a bookcaseCredit: Alamy

Did you think you were a good host by providing a range of reading material for people to browse while doing their business? Think again.

Chris says: “The most hideous of all time design crime is the stack of magazines next to the toilet, covered in more DNA than a CSI crime scene and giving people an excuse to stay in their midst. clean waste much longer than it should be. “

It’s time to get that reading material out of the downstairs washroom.

4. Hit a wall

Is your house covered in wall art quotes? It’s time to ditch them – especially those that read “Live Laugh Love” or the like.

Chris says, “If I have to explain this one, you are beyond any help.”

There is nothing funny in a Live Laugh Love quote, sorry


There is nothing funny in a Live Laugh Love quote, sorryCredit: Alamy

5. Take your photo

Do you model your home on “ perfect ” show homes or Instagram tablets? Bad move.

Chris says, “You should be able to walk into any house in the country and get a feel for who lives there.

“This is achieved through the display of keepsakes and keepsakes in all rooms. This is a personal statement, so do whatever you love.”

While we are on the subject of photos, Chris says that any work is better than nothing (other than the quotes mentioned earlier).

And make sure you don’t impose “social distancing” between your executives – it just sounds weird.

6. Sofa so good

Chris says sofas should be away from the wall


Chris says sofas should be away from the wallCredit: Alamy

The sofa and the television are both leaning against the wall? Chris isn’t a fan, saying your living room shouldn’t “look like a glove from the best 90s TV show,” Gladiators. “

He adds, “Pull the sofa out into space, make sure there’s a coffee table in front of it, and add some armchairs.”

7. Buy it

When you’re on the go at a budget furniture store, it can be tempting to find everything you like.

But Chris hates nothing more than furniture packages.

He adds: “The modern (and correct) approach is to buy furniture for a room in different stores.”

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