‘Exploited’ Iraqi immigrant and victim of Isis allowed Sheffield home to be used as a cannabis farm

Sheffield Crown Court learned on July 12 how Soran Mahmoud, 31, was arrested at his former rented house on Wheldrake Road, near Fir Vale, Sheffield, with 41 cannabis plants and growing equipment.

Rosemary Kavanagh, Prosecutor, said: “Complaints started to come to the owner from neighbors almost immediately about the noise from drilling and construction as well as the use of staplers, as well as the changing of locks. “

Ms Kavanagh added that the owner inspected the property in October 2019 and found a hole in a wall, a fan, ductwork and a locked room. Police found 41 cannabis plants with an estimated market value of £ 22,000.

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Pictured, courtesy of pixabay, is an example of cannabis cultivation.
Pictured, courtesy of pixabay, is an example of cannabis cultivation.

The cannabis farm included specialized lights, transformers, a conduit with a power source and timer, fertilizer and a black window, according to Ms Kavanagh.

Ms Kavanagh said Mahmoud said he was engaged in the business by someone he knew from work and sublet the property for financial gain for a fraction of the potential profit.

Never-convicted take-away worker Mahmoud, of Spital Hill, Sheffield, has pleaded guilty to allowing the production of Class B cannabis on the premises.

Defending Imran Khan said the naive Mahmoud did not know what the property was for when he moved in and trusted someone wrongly and let others take advantage of him.

Sheffield Crown Court, pictured, heard how an ‘exploited’ Iraqi immigrant allowed his rented house to be used as a cannabis farm.

Mr Khan added that Mahmoud is an Iraqi national who arrived in the UK in 2015 as an asylum seeker after his village was attacked by Isis and that was the last time he saw his family.

Mr Khan said: “After the attack on his village and his family members, he had trouble sleeping with frequent nightmares of horrible things that happened.”

Mahmoud remembers the nightmares of seeing people abused and killed, including young children and the elderly, according to Khan.

Mr Khan said Mahmoud suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

Recorder Michael Fanning sentenced Mahmoud to six months suspended detention for 12 months with a requirement of rehabilitative activity.

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