F9 will spend $ 500 million worldwide this week at the box office

The ninth Fast & Furious, F9, surpasses $ 500 million at the global box office, the first Hollywood pandemic release to surpass that benchmark.

Most recent Fast Furious movie, F9, will be the first pandemic version to exceed $ 500 million worldwide. The film, which had a quirky premiere across multiple countries, is the ninth installment of the franchise and the first return film for a former resident Fast Furious director Justin Lin. The film follows the same old team, including Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, and many more, while adding John Cena to the fray as Dom’s brother.

The film industry has been trying to cope with the effects of stopping the pandemic for over a year now, with varying degrees of success. The closure, which saw the temporary and permanent closure of cinemas, led to enormous financial and logistical nightmares for the film industry. The result is a complex film release schedule, with many 2020 films finally releasing after delays alongside previously scheduled 2021 films sticking to their plans. Many movie studios have relegated their biggest blockbusters to two theatrical and streaming releases, much to the chagrin of many filmmakers. Other studios have attempted to bridge the divide between streaming and theaters, such as with Disney + ‘s Premier Access. In contrast, some films have resisted successful theatrical releases, such as A Quiet Place, Part II.

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As reported by Deadline, F9 joins successful pandemic movie theater releases as the first Hollywood pandemic film to surpass $ 500 million at the international box office this week. Global cumulative gross up to Sunday of this week is $ 491.5 million. F9 is also the first Hollywood film released since 2019 to achieve this goal. Globally, it is the third film to exceed $ 500 million, joining the ranks of Chinese films. Hi Mom and Detective Chinatown 3. F9The increase in box office rankings has been partly attributed to its phased release in international markets, with releases in some countries yet to come.

But F9The profits from s are impressive, he might not hold on to third place by the end of the year. Many more blockbusters are planned for this year, including three MCU films (in addition to the upcoming Black Widow) and sci-fi sweeping action, Dune. Due to the gradual reopening of theaters and the growing enthusiasm of customers to return, an increase in the number of box offices is generally likely. This is facilitated, of course, by the continued deployment of the vaccine around the world. Although with new variants of COVID and some countries going back and forth over their policies, it’s not clear if this hybrid release milestone for films will only be a phase.

This achievement is not really surprising given the Fast Furious the franchise has always performed incredibly well, especially in international markets. And the franchise isn’t slowing down just yet, with two more films to end the Fast Saga in the works after. F9, bringing the total number of mainstream movies to 11. The franchise, however, also plans to increase its global build by releasing more spin-offs similar to Hobbs & Shaw and the animated television show Fast & Furious: Spy Racers.

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