Find stress relief

• The death of a loved one. • Serious illness – stroke, paralysis amputation.
• Serious accidents.
• Crimes.
• Fear of being kidnapped or killed by terrorists or bandits.
• A hectic pace of life.
• Disasters – natural or man-made. • Pressure at school or in the workplace. • Concerns about employment and financial security.
• Retirement without tips, pensions, personal house or vehicle. • Death of a spouse.

Losing a job can be devastating, putting the unemployed at risk of physical illness, marital strain, anxiety, depression and even suicide. Job loss affects all aspects of life.

It is not uncommon for children to suffer from stress. Some are bullied at school or neglected at home. Others are physically, emotionally or sexually abused. Many are worried about exams and grades. Still others see their families torn apart by divorce and separation. Stressed children may have nightmares, learning difficulties, depression, or a tendency to withdraw into themselves. Some people seem unable to control their emotions and suffer from panic attacks. A child who suffers from stress needs urgent help.

As I said ad nauseam, stress is your body’s response to a demanding situation. Your brain causes hormones to flood your system. These increase your heart rate, regulate your blood pressure, increase or contract the capacity of your lungs, and contract your muscles. Before you are fully aware of what is going on, your body is ready for action. When a stressful episode is over, your body is on high alert and returns to normal.

Next week we will discuss “good and bad stress and how to find stress relief”. Always be medically guided.

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