First Dates’ Cici Coleman rushed to hospital while sick in Bali

The Channel 4 reality star traveled through Indonesia and was smitten with an episode of ‘Bali Belly’. She needed emergency help as she struggled to stay hydrated.

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First Dates star Cici Coleman ends up in hospital in Bali

First Dates star Cici Coleman has been hospitalized after falling ill while traveling through Indonesia and needing an intravenous drip to restore her health.

The 35-year-old reality star and actress was enjoying the views and sunshine of Bali in the Southeast Asian country when she fell ill.

Taking to social media this week, Cici explained that she had contracted “Bali Belly” – actually an illness that has the symptom of severe diarrhea and is caused by bacteria that can be found in food and vegetables. contaminated water.

Other symptoms include stomach cramps, vomiting, aches and pains – Cici explaining that she needed medical help after being struck down by the disease during her travels.

First Dates star Cici Coleman was hospitalized with ‘Bali Belly’



She was put on an intravenous drip while receiving emergency treatment



She said in a video post on Instagram: “It’s all fun and fun until it hits you. I’m currently lying in the medical center somewhere in Bali. I have Bali belly which is good known here.

“There’s so much bacteria in all the food here, it’s kinda swept my feet off my feet. I’m just hydrating on drip and hoping I get back to my normal self.”

In her video, Cici placed the camera on her arm, which showed she had an IV placed in her arm as doctors helped her get fluids back into her system.

The star put on a brave face as she took stock of her condition from her hospital bed.

Fans are used to seeing Cici much more glamorous



She later took to Instagram Stories to express her thanks to fans and followers who sent her well wishes.

She wrote: “Thank you for the messages. I feel much better after the infusion. Chillaxing and taking it easy.”

Cici has appeared on Channel 4’s hit reality show First Dates since 2015 – but has also appeared in a number of low-budget British films.

Earlier this year, the aspiring actress revealed she was close to becoming homeless before her screen career finally took off.

She opened up about her struggles during a Q&A session with fans.

One follower asked her for general life advice, writing, “Is it a bad thing that I don’t know what I want to do or who I am at 25?”

And Cici replied, “Man. At 25, I was on the verge of homelessness. I had no idea what I wanted to do. But I had hope.

“Remove the pressure to have the answers. You have your whole life ahead of you to find out who you are. It doesn’t come overnight. It’s an ongoing lesson.

“Every moment is a new experience where we learn something about ourselves. Try different jobs. Make more mistakes. Find out through those mistakes (lessons) what you do and what you don’t like. And n don’t forget to have fun on the ride.

Cici has appeared on First Dates since 2015


Channel 4)

“Also, imagine how boring life would be if you had it all figured out. There would be no room for improvement.”

She added: “My mistakes have been my greatest teachers.”

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