Free books for everyone: a peddler’s selfless dream

Photos: STAR


Photos: STAR

A peddler from Jhenidah, with his own hard-earned money, set up a self-taught library in his home in the College Para area, in the municipality of Kaliganj.

Mirazul Haque, 58, sells fans, handkerchiefs, cookies, khaja, fruit and other treats on public buses. Having lost his father at the age of 49, Mirazul is the only one of his four siblings to have passed third grade in 1978. He could not afford to continue his education and began living in the slum. , in a tin shade house with three decimal places. Earth.

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A pathagar can help spread education in society, Mirazul told this reporter. Mirazul himself is very fond of reading books and dreams that those who have dropped out of school can gain knowledge by reading the books in his library for free.

He bought 450 books using his income, which includes a collection of novels, political books, etc., worth BDT 2.50 lakh. As a staunch supporter of Bangabandhu, most of the books he has purchased deal with the life of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the liberation war. Mirazul’s intention now is to build a library where students, the unemployed and the elderly can read books in their free time.

“I can’t afford to buy land on which to build the library,” says Mirazul. He plans to name it Bangabandhu Smriti Pathagar. “My books are stuck in my tin shade. They are at risk of damage due to the lack of proper storage facilities.” He urges the local administration to allocate a room to his pathagar.

Jhenidah: Hawker Mirazul Haque selling goodies in buses and terminals. Photo: STAR


Jhenidah: Hawker Mirazul Haque selling goodies in buses and terminals. Photo: STAR

Montu Gopal Das, a freedom fighter from College Para, and Emran Hossain, a lumber trader from the village of Bakulia under the upazila, echoed that Mirazul is “rich in books” – it is his hobby of collect them with the money he earns by peddling. Both often borrow books from Mirazul.

“Although we are in need, he doesn’t let this get in the way of his dreams,” said Julekha Begum, wife of Mirazul Haque. The Daily Star. “He took a noble initiative”. A sweeper at Agrani Bank, Julekha contributes to the family’s finances with her monthly salary of 3,500 BDT.

Of their four children, the eldest son Jahangir Alam obtained his Masters in Social Protection and Research from Dhaka University in 2020, appeared in the 41st BCS preliminaries and is now seeking employment in Dhaka. The youngest son, Alamgir Hossain, studies world religion and Sanskrit at the University of Dhaka. He is also a regular soccer player of Muktijoddha Sangsad Kira Chakra Premier League.

The UN Sadia Jerin de Kaliganj upazila assured that she would try to organize a room for the initiative of Mirazul.

Mirazul wishes to donate his eyes after his death; he has rotated in this regard and plans to donate his corpse to a medical school and hospital for medical research.

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