Free help for Arizona newborn families is just a click away

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Parenting experts tell parents who are expecting a baby that it doesn’t matter if it’s their first or third child, every new baby makes you a new parent. As Arizona’s early years agency, First Things First (FTF) is here to help.

The FTF funds a variety of free programs across Arizona for families with a child born up to the age of 5, and many of these services are aimed at families of newborns. For example, the Arizona Parent Kit is given free to parents of all newborns in the state before they leave the hospital or birthing home.

The kit contains a baby book that families can read to their newborn, and resources to help parents support their child through each phase of their early development.

In addition to the physical parent kit, FTF also offers the FTF digital parent kit, designed to help parents from the day they bring their baby home, to the ages and stages of a young child to care for the well- be physical and emotional of your family. being.

The kit, available at, covers a wide range of topics ranging from pregnancy, child development, safety, physical and emotional health to seeking supportive care. quality guard. The information is presented through helpful tips and reliable online information and resources to help parents do their best to support the healthy development of their baby, toddler or preschooler.

Another resource is the FTF-funded Birth to 5 helpline (877-705-KIDS). This program is free for all Arizona families with young children from birth to age 5 to speak directly with experts in child development.

A special component of the Birth to Five helpline is the Fussy Baby program, which offers support to parents during their baby’s first year. The early childhood specialists who answer the helpline phones are experts on babies and also know a lot about parents.

They spend as much time on the phone as is necessary so that parents feel supported and can get the help they need. Specialists ask questions about the baby and family life to get such a clear picture of the factors that might affect the baby. This allows the specialist and parent to develop a thoughtful plan, as well as ongoing conversations and adjustments to help difficult babies soothe and manage excessive crying, sleeping problems, and feeding difficulties.

Southwest Human Development, which manages and manages the helpline, is hosting the first Birth to Five Helpline Awareness Week October 11-16, with the goal of ensuring that every family in Arizona with children under 5 years old should know that this service is available to them free of charge.

Have a question about your baby’s sleep schedule? Call them. Experts answer questions on everything from health to nutrition, safety to toilet training, and more.

The Birth to Five helpline is available at 877-705-KIDS (5437) Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can also leave a voicemail or text the helpline 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

From birth to age 5, a child’s brain develops more than at any time in his life. And early brain development has a lasting impact on a child’s ability to learn and be successful in school and in life. The loving care you give your baby during the first year helps lay the foundation for their future.

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