Government Barricaded Roads Just to Defame Farmers, Morcha Executives Say | Chandigarh News

Bathinda: Sanyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM) on Wednesday accused the central government of engaging in a campaign to defame the farmers’ protest by showing they were obstructing the fight against Covid-19 and that their congregations were turning into a hotspot for the spread of the virus.
In a statement issued by the latter, SKM said propaganda was spreading that farmers had stopped trucks of oxygen and other essentials at Delhi’s borders. He said it was not true and misleading.
The morcha said a fake narrative was being built even though the farmers never intended to sleep on the roads or stay away from their homes and land. The SKM said the farmers are fighting a battle for existence, and now they are also fighting Covid.
On Tuesday, complaints were filed that oxygen supplies had to take a longer route to reach Delhi due to roadblocks by farmers. It was alleged that due to blockade supplies were delayed.
The morcha said the government was shirking its responsibilities at the time of the pandemic and that it was ironic that it chose to blame the farmers. In fact, for humanitarian reasons, farmers have been more than willing to help locals and others, despite the hardships they face in the ongoing protests, he said.
SKM said farmers were forced to protest on the road. He said they wanted to enter Delhi on November 26, 2020, but were barred (from entering Delhi). After January 26, other obstacles in the form of large barricades, spikes, boulders and other materials were placed on the roads by the government. Even inland roads and trails have not been left unbarricaded and cordoned off, the morcha said. Local communities, however, supported the farmers and opened up alternative avenues. The protesting farmers had kept service roads open to essential services from the moment they had to squat at the borders, SKM said. “The barricades erected by the police are the biggest obstacle to the movement of vehicles. We urge the government to remove the obstacles it has put in place to lock in Delhi, so that ordinary citizens do not face hardship, ”Morcha said.

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