Harry Says: Four scented gift ideas for all budgets

You still have some time to buy gifts.  Harriet Pudney shares her recommendations.

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You still have some time to buy gifts. Harriet Pudney shares her recommendations.

OPINION: I don’t think being late matters – unless it is. If we have a pint and you’re there at 6:07 p.m. instead of 6 p.m., I don’t care. I probably brought a book, and I have certainly had a drink before. It’s cold.

However, if we go to the airport, or to a movie, or anywhere with a difficult departure time and a reserved table, and you are late, I will prepare for your demise. Job interviews, first dates – there are times when it’s important to be on time.

But no one is perfect, and time makes a fool of us all. If you haven’t found a Christmas present for someone important in your life yet, well, we all make mistakes. You just have time to save things, if you take decisive action. Do nothing and your relationship is on the line.

Take my advice and the path to lasting happiness is clear.

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First, the gifts should be a little bit special. I’m a huge fan of giving someone a fancy version of something they’d buy anyway, like fancy olive oil, hot sauce and spices for a cook, nice glassware for a cook. someone who has just moved.

I love good deals, but I don’t tend to give them away as gifts. Instead, think of something like Chloe Zara Hair & Body Perfume Oil, $ 110. This stuff smells amazing, looks gorgeous, and really works on the hair and body. Use before or after styling your hair and as a luxurious body oil on damp skin after showering. The scent is sweet but woody and mature. It’s a pleasure to use.

Speaking of perfumes, buy someone you really love the Cire Trudon II Perfume, $ 349. It’s fresh, green, invigorating and sophisticated. And, unfortunately, expensive.

If you are not sure of your recipient’s taste in terms of perfume, why not offer them a discovery box, like the Who Is Elijah box, $ 50, or the Jo Loves set of seven pieces, $ 47.

Present either one with a bottle of wine and the promise of getting the full size of the scent they love the most, and you will be wildly popular.

Nice present.

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