How to Invest Smartly in Your GPU

When budgeting for a PC, people often make mistakes in terms of allocating money for their graphics card.

We often invest in PC components that are too expensive and do not increase performance. Before you need to know anything, there’s a rule of thumb to remember that will help you invest wisely in your GPU – always spend the extra cash on your GPU, not other PC components.

Let’s see how to save money smartly so you can invest it in your graphics card.

Don’t overspend on motherboards

This is the most common mistake people make. A general buyer usually buys a 4 or 6 core processor, and these processors don’t need any sort of high-end motherboards to produce their peak performance.

Suppose you buy a 6-core processor which costs 18,000 Tk. So don’t go for a motherboard that costs 14,000 Tk. Any motherboard between 9,000 and 11,000 Tk will work fine with your 6-core CPU.

Always buy a better GPU, not the CPU:

If your primary focus is gaming, the GPU is the most vital part of your computer. We all make PC buying decisions based on the CPU + GPU combination. And most of the time, people overspend on their CPU.

Suppose you have two combinations – a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU + RTX 2060 GPU, or a Ryzen 7 3700x CPU + GTX 1660 super GPU. You should always go for the combination with the high-end GPU, i.e. the first.

It will support your game better and last you longer. Keep in mind that no modern game can benefit from CPUs with more than 6 cores, let alone older games.

Other components:

You won’t need to buy a Tk 6000 case, or RGB RAMs to have better cooling and better performance on your PC.

Buy non-RGB RAMs, they are significantly cheaper and have the same performance, and go for cases between 3000 and 4000 Tk with two or more fans. You can even opt for enclosures between 2000 and 2500 Tk if you buy a 4-core CPU.

Also, for a 4-core CPU, you won’t need a CPU cooler, and for any 6-core CPU, the coolers within Tk 2500 will serve you more than enough.

Check the TDP of your GPU and CPU, if you need a 550 WATT power supply for your system, don’t buy a 650 WATT power supply for “security purposes”, it’s useless and expensive much more expensive. Save money on your components and invest it in your GPU.

You can always buy expensive peripherals later:

When budgeting for a PC, always leave the budget for expensive peripherals later. You can always save some money and buy a new mouse or keyboard, it’s not every day that you can just go out and buy a GPU.

So spend on your GPU first, then try spending money on other expensive devices.

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