Instant credit for self-employed – is there such a thing?

If you need a loan as a self-employed person, it is sometimes very difficult for German banks. You have a lot of patience, because the banks have to have some talks beforehand and have to check a lot of papers. If you need money quickly as a self-employed person, this is a real test of patience at house banks. In this case, a solution can be an instant loan for the self-employed at a direct bank on the Internet.

One possibility – direct bank

One possibility - direct bank

An instant loan for the self-employed at a direct bank is particularly interesting if the loan is needed for private purposes. To speed up the process, it is advisable to hire an independent credit broker as a self-employed person. Thanks to his many years of experience, he knows which bank offers the best opportunity and conditions for an instant loan for the self-employed.

However, the term instant loan can be misleading, because the documents must also be checked at a direct bank. It also takes some time for a direct bank to decide on the application. However, processing is significantly faster because there is no personal conversation and there is no longer any need to send mail.

The amount of the loan depends on various conditions. For one thing, it is important for the bank how long the company has existed. On the other hand, the annual turnover is decisive for the amount of the loan. If the instant credit for the self-employed is required for business purposes, the check will also take a little longer at a direct bank, since the checks here will have to be even more extensive.

Another option – personal loan

Another option - personal loan

If the loan applications also fail at a direct bank, there is the possibility of a loan from private individuals. Various portals on the Internet offer self-employed people the opportunity to publish their loan applications. Here you can describe what the loans are needed for and on what terms this money is borrowed. Individuals who are looking for an investment opportunity can then decide whether they want to support this project. It may be that several investors give their money with larger loan amounts, so that the risk for the investors is minimized.

In principle, however, as a self-employed person you are also considered a risk group, so that the interest on the loan will be relatively high and it will also take some time until the money is together. But if money is urgently needed, this is an alternative to an instant loan for the self-employed.

In principle, with an instant loan for the self-employed, as with any other loan, the better the applicant’s security, the easier it is to get a loan of a certain amount.

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