Joy for Palestinian and Nigerian students who won $ 300,000 scholarships for top US universities

Tara Masri is a Palestinian teenager with a dream.

She aspires to study politics at a major university in the United States and return to her country to help her community.

The 17-year-old from Nablus is on the verge of making that dream come true after winning a full scholarship worth over $ 307,000 to Middlebury College in Vermont.

Attending the liberal arts school, often touted as one of the most expensive in the country, will be a radical change for Tara, who lives with her parents and 12-year-old sister in Palestine.

“I feel very privileged to have this opportunity,” said Tara.

“In Palestine, it is very difficult to afford such sums of money for university and my application indicated that I needed a scholarship.

“Middlebury is one of the most expensive liberal arts colleges in the United States and it would not have been possible for me to cover the expenses.”

Tara said studying at Middlebury would provide her with opportunities.

“Here there is a lot of tension in neighboring villages but we are safe,” Tara said.

“There is a saying that Palestinians are born talking about politics, and I feel politics is an integral part of my life.

“Studying in the United States will introduce me to a new area of ​​international human rights.

“It will help me understand and raise awareness of the various injustices that are happening in the world.

“My goal is to come back to Palestine and give back to my community.”

Tara has lived in Nablus all her life and studied at an American school.

In her spare time, she takes part in activities like the United Nations model, tutored others and was part of a club dedicated to educating people about Palestinian history.

“I worked hard to get good grades and participated in extracurricular activities,” she said.

Dubai counseling helps remove barriers to higher education

Hale Education Group, a consulting firm in Dubai that offers mentoring and admission advice to students, helped the teenager apply for universities and scholarships.

A full scholarship covers the full cost of attendance for four years of undergraduate study and includes tuition, accommodation, food, insurance, and living expenses.

Sonia Bendre, a 19-year-old Nigerian teenager, has been accepted into three major US universities and will be attending Ivy League Dartmouth College in New Hampshire this fall.

Tara and Sonia needed full scholarships to attend college, and Hale Education Group in Dubai helped teens enroll in colleges and get free funding.

Since 2018, the Hale Scholars Program has helped 10 high-performing students from low-income backgrounds access education at top US universities.

White nights give way to jubilation

Sonia Bendre was delighted to have received a full scholarship to pursue her Bachelor of Engineering studies at Dartmouth College. Sonia bendre

Sonia was delighted to receive a full scholarship valued at $ 304,000 to continue her undergraduate engineering studies at Dartmouth.

She will be heading to the United States to begin her studies in September.

“I really needed a scholarship to go to college,” Sonia said.

“I cannot be more grateful for everything Hale Education Group has helped me.”

Sonia is of Indian descent, grew up in Nigeria and will join her brother in the United States.

As a safety net, the student approached 20 colleges.

“After receiving a few refusals, I was losing confidence in myself, but my advisor was very supportive of me,” she said.

“I had very little self-confidence as a candidate but my advisor reassured me.”

In March, there was a succession of acceptances and scholarships.

“I was very nervous when I knew the decisions were going to be made. I couldn’t sleep all night, ”she said.

“I received the acceptance from Vanderbilt University at 3 am and was so excited I woke my mom up.

“When I received the acceptance from Dartmouth College, I didn’t tell anyone I was opening the letter. When I saw the acceptance, I screamed and called the family.

“I needed a scholarship to be able to afford study in the United States.

“The pandemic hit everyone and I was trying to get into college with scholarships.”

After completing her engineering degree at Dartmouth College, Sonia hopes to work in the field of sustainable technology.

She wants to help developing countries find technological systems that work for their environment.

Supporting students “ my way of giving back ”

Peter Davos, Founder of Hale Education Group, helps UAE students pursue their academic goals in the United States.  Pawan Singh / The National

Peter Davos, Founder of Hale Education Group, helps UAE students pursue their academic goals in the United States. Pawan Singh / The National

Hale Education Group has supported many high performing students who may not have the funds to pursue their goals.

“A lot of these students got scholarships and this is my way of giving back to society,” said Peter Davos, founder of Hale Education Group.

“For high-performing students from difficult backgrounds, we help them get scholarships.

“We offer our services free of charge to high performing students in difficult socio-economic conditions.”

Mr. Davos described helping disadvantaged students as the best part of his job.

“It makes me feel amazing,” he said.

“I hope they will play a role in the community.”

Right now, Hale Education Group is looking for deserving candidates from across the region who can help access education.

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