Kirby and the Forgotten Land: How to Get All Gacha Figures

To 100% complete Kirby and the Forgotten Land, you must collect all 256 gacha figures!

Kirby and Elfilin make a gacha pull.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the first installment of the main game in the franchise since the release of Kirby Star Allies in 2018. After four years of waiting for the game, Forgotten Land does not disappoint. With adorable additions like Car Kirby – or “Karby” – and the new parry system, there really is something for every player.

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And like all Kirby games, you can get 100% recovery of your game file. That means finding every Waddle Dee, exploring all post-game content, and completing all 4 volumes of Kirby gacha toys. Both unreasonably cute and extremely frustrating, collecting all 256 gacha figures is crucial to getting that sweet 100% completion.

As you progress through the game you unlock more gacha machines. There are four in all, corresponding to the four tomes of figures. The numbers contain star rarity, with 1 star being the most common and 4 stars being the rarest. In general, although you collect figures throughout the game, the easiest way to collect all 1-star and 2-star figures is to spend Star Coins on the machines.

Volume 1 – 79 figures

Although you immediately start collecting the Volume 1 minis, the machine does not spawn in Waddle Dee Town until you clear the first area, Natural Plains. For the most part, the figures you find hidden in the stages will be 3 stars and above.

To unlock all figures in volume 1, you must unlock all copy abilities except Sleep (the Sleep figure does not appear until volume 3).

There are also 7 special figures that need to be unlocked in Waddle Dee Town:

Cafe-Staff Kirby

Kirby Fishing Pond

Waddle Dee wise

Delivery Waddle Dee

Waddle Dee Staff Cafe

Waddle Dee Game Store

Item-Shop Waddle Dee

Complete all three difficulties of the Help Wanted mini-game.

Fish in the pond until you catch the Bling Blipper. This mini-game probably requires the most precision a Kirby game has ever required. There is a long delay before the last button press, and then you have to type in the command almost immediately. You’ll fail a lot, but it’s definitely doable!

Talk to Wise Waddle Dee until he gives you the figurine. It reports on the game’s global statistics, including the number of Star Coins players who saved, the number of flowers that bloomed, and the number of Awoofies players defeated.

Redeem five gift codes at Waddle Dee-Liveries. Waddle Dee has hidden these codes in the town of Waddle Dee, so start searching! Elfilin will alert you when it finds one.

Buy lots of food at Waddle Dee Cafe. You can take food on your adventure by choosing the To-Go option!

Complete all three Tilt-and-Roll difficulties in the game store.

Buy a bunch of items from the Item Shop.

Volume 2 – 78 figures

Volume 2 figures are starting to appear in Everybay Coast, but the machine won’t be available until you beat that level’s boss, Tropic Woods. You also need to find the first blueprint set for all copy abilities. Finally, you need to beat Clawroline to shoot his figure.

Volume 3 – 56 figures

Figures from Volume 3 appear in red containers and appear for the first time in Originull Wasteland. As with Volume 2, you need to find Pencil Drill, Frosty Ice, and Dragon Fire blueprints. The two boss figures are King Dedede and Sillydillo, which can be unlocked after defeating them. Meta Knight is the last 4-star figure in Volume 3. His figure becomes available after beating the Meta Knight Cup in the Coliseum.

Volume 4 – 43 digits

Figures from Volume 4 spawn in blue containers and spawn in Isolated Islands, the post-game map. You must beat the base game to unlock the gacha machine. This volume contains 9 special figures:

Rare Stone Master

Waddle Dee Weapon Shop

Commentator Waddle Dee

Usher Waddle Dee

The Deedly Dees

Complete all treasure routes unlocking all copy ability upgrades. Be sure to speak to King Dedede when he appears outside the Colosseum! He’ll give you the latest Hammer upgrade…and Waddle Dee will reveal what the king thinks of the whole adventure. Being mind controlled a second time was difficult.

Complete all stages of isolated islands and upgrade all copy abilities. Hammer and Sword have a fourth upgrade.

Earn all three Colosseum cups: Meta Knight, Ultimate, and Ultimate Z.

Complete all of the Outlying Islands stages and win all three Colosseum Cups, then visit the Waddle Dee Town Cinema.

This adorable band of Waddle Dee appears in post-game content! Upgrade their scene three times to unlock their minifigure. It costs 3,000 Star Coins.

The rest of the digits require a SPOILER WARNING for post-game content! To unlock any of them, you need to complete the base game.

The four gacha machines.

Fecto Elfilis Ultimate Lifeform

Meow meow! (Wake up, Leon!)

Leon and Carol

Chaos Born Species, Chaos Elfilis

Win the Ultimate Cup to unlock this version of Fecto Elfilis.

Complete all of the stages in the isolated islands.

Collect all 300 pieces of Leon’s soul.

Complete Ultimate Cup Z at the Coliseum.

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