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Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves has criticized the Conservative government’s economic approach, suggesting that Labor will bring greater economic stability to the UK. The news comes as Chancellor Jeremy Hunt prepares to launch the Tories’ autumn budget next week. Despite her strong views on the Conservative management of the economy, the Shadow Chancellor confessed that a new Labor government would not be able to implement all of the proposed policy ‘as soon as possible’ given the state current economy. BBC journalist Laura Kuenssberg accused the Labor MP of ‘trying to have it both ways’ in shaming Conservative politics, while describing a broadly similar Labor approach.

Asked if she would raise taxes and cut public spending as chancellor, Rachel Reeves said: ‘I’ve already put forward some of these tax changes that a new Labor government would bring.

She continued: “I recognize that a new Labor government will not be able to do everything we want as quickly as possible.

“It is frustrating because the way the government has managed our economy and public finances over the last decade means we have public services on their knees and public finances in disarray – a new Labor government will inherit that.

“I’ve established a set of budget rules and that says everything in our next manifesto will be fully costed and fully funded.

“We recognize that we will inherit this mess and that it will strain us, but it is important that we get both the stability and the security we need in our economy.”

Ms Kuenssberg shot back: ‘But, Rachel Reeves, you try to have it both ways, don’t you?

“You accept, as do the Conservatives, that you would have to control public spending. You agree that taxes should be raised and yet you also say that the Conservatives’ way of doing things is wrong.

“You try to have it both ways and in fact to the left of your party and some economists would dispute your view that you have to have your set of budget rules.

“In other words, some economists and some on the left would say it doesn’t really matter if we keep borrowing this money for longer, you could be paying off the debt over a much longer period.”

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Ms Kuenssberg claimed Labor ‘wouldn’t have to’ take the approach suggested by the Shadow Chancellor.

Ms Reeves said: ‘I recognize there are limits to what governments can do. Many of these problems are due to mistakes made by the government, but I recognize that this places constraints on a new Labor government.

“That’s why it’s so important that we have a serious plan to develop our economy and improve the living standards of ordinary people. This will give us the money to invest in public services.

“Just because you have to make tough decisions doesn’t mean you have to make the same decisions.”

The Shadow Chancellor argued that a Labor government would make the tax system “fairer” which would generate money for “essential public services”.

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