Lissun offers trusted mental illness solutions in India

Lissun, a trusted mental and emotional health wellness platform, provides solutions for mental illnesses in India.

With effective resources, individuals can monitor and manage their health more effectively. Lissun is a mental health platform in India, which provides end-to-end solutions to mental and emotional issues. The platform provides a mobile application that provides people with access to treatment and counseling for various mental disorders. With their team of mental health, wellness and technology professionals, they are focused on transforming people’s lives through psychological support. Their patients’ needs are their priority, and Lissun makes sure to provide its users with solutions that fully meet their demands, as they understand that there are many people with unique mental challenges. So some of the online resources for mental illness include dialysis care, care and therapy for the LGBTQ+ community, life and relationships, post-covid mental health relief, support for patients with cancer and caregivers, meditation, women’s mental health and general assessment.

In response to a question about the services, the Lissun spokesperson said, “We provide solutions for mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression and stress. Our platform has a self-discovery tool that allows you to correctly detect if you are unconsciously harboring anxiety, depression or stress. This tool also shows you the degree of mildness or severity of these diseases. We are committed to helping people be more successful in their lives; that’s why we do our best to make these tools easily accessible to our patients.

Lissun’s core team is made up of alumni from top associations and platforms such as NIMHANS, ISB, IIT and IIM. In India, they have the best therapists, psychiatrists and counselors in their company. These experts provide clients with effective solutions for all kinds of mental illnesses. Patients can also find in their resource section a wide range of health and wellness resources such as interactive and engaging videos, sleep stories, audio and many more. They have content that offers step-by-step guidance on what to do regarding stress, sleep, and depression issues, and the content is easily accessible through their website. Therefore, people who want to use the best mental health apps can try Lisson.

The spokesperson added: “Through our app, we provide people with effective solutions for illnesses that disrupt their well-being and mental peace. Our psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors make sure to pay close attention to patients, because we are committed to providing highly satisfactory services. We use a patient-focused approach, so our first step is to properly assess your situation and from there guide you to an expert psychiatrist or psychologist. Our mental health experts are well trained and committed to helping patients in the best way possible. Lissun’s mental health experts help with issues related to anger management, panic attacks, psychosexual dysfunctions, schizophrenia, relationship issues, OCD, psychotherapy, emotional difficulties, mental disorders personality and cognitive disorders.

On the Lissun app, users have access to solutions to mental illness at very affordable rates. Their core values ​​include anonymity, awareness, assurance, access and affordability.

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Lissun is a trusted mental wellness platform. where people can explore best psychologist in india for their mental health issues.

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