Live Q&A: How Should We Teach Youth About Personal Finance?

Financial Literacy Updates

How old were you when you first learned how credit cards work? What about when you’ve learned practical tips on how to budget, get a mortgage, or navigate the world of student finance?

For many people in the UK, financial education is something we learn in life, learning from our mistakes as we go.

But the pandemic – and the resulting financial uncertainty – has exposed costly gaps in people’s knowledge. According to the World Bank, two in three people in the world are financially illiterate, including one in three in the UK.

Financial education was introduced into the UK’s national curriculum in 2014, but the offer across the country still varies widely.

Do you think there should be more emphasis on personal finance education for young people in schools, universities and workplaces? At what age should children be taught money? How should it be taught – as part of math or as a separate subject?

Claer Barrett, FT Consumer Editor, and Aimée Allam, Director of FT Flic, the FT’s Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign, will participate in a live online discussion with readers of noon UK time on Wednesday 22 September.

Post your questions and suggestions in the comments below, then come back to this post on Wednesday to see the answers and participate in the debate.

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