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Inspired by the memoirs of Stephanie Land, the Netflix Maid miniseries explores poverty and abuse with a talented cast and complex characters.

The Netflix Miniseries Housemaid features a talented cast and complex characters. Inspired by the memories of Stephanie Land, the show follows Alex after she runs away on the night of her abusive partner. Taking their young daughter with her, she struggles to figure out how to support them both. The system seems to be unfavorable to her since Alex needs a job to find shelter and care for her children but cannot be looked after without work, which is difficult to obtain when she has nowhere to go. to sleep. Kate ends up getting a job in a cleaning service, but her problems only seem to multiply.

Stephanie Land enjoyed the choices the showrunners made while romanticizing her memoir, especially Housemaidexploring from more than one perspective. The Earth Explained (via Seattle weather) that if his book was limited to his own true story, Housemaid could also bring in and focus on other characters. The show tries to highlight not only Kate’s struggles to support herself and her child, but also her ex’s struggles with drug addiction, other victims of domestic violence, and many other issues.

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Housemaid is now available to stream on Netflix, and its cast features familiar faces as well as lesser-known, but no less talented names. Here’s the cast and character guide for the miniseries Housemaid.

Margaret Qualley as Alex


Margaret Qualley plays Alex, who struggles to support herself and her young daughter after running away from her abusive ex-boyfriend. Alex cannot rely on her family for help and has to find ways to do everything on her own, including finding secure housing and a stable income, which does not seem easily accessible to a woman with little education or of experience. Qualley has appeared in works like Death threat, The nice guys, Leftovers, and Once upon a time … in Hollywood. His upcoming projects include the thriller Sanctuary and drama / romance The stars at noon.

Nick Robinson as Sean


Nick Robinson plays Alex’s ex-boyfriend Sean. Sean initially only represents Alex’s past trauma with his emotional abuse, but Housemaid also later looks at some of his own addiction issues. As Sean and Alex try to figure out how to behave with each other after the breakup, they also struggle to co-parent their two-year-old daughter. Robinson has already appeared in Jurassic World, The 5th Wave, and Love, Simon.

Andie MacDowell as Paula


Qualley’s real mom Andie MacDowell plays her onscreen mom Paula in Housemaid. Alex describes Paula as having undiagnosed bipolar disorder. Paula’s quick mood swings make her a bit unreliable whenever Alex needs a favor, but Paula clearly cares a lot about her daughter and granddaughter. MacDowell has been involved in countless projects like groundhog day, the 2011 Free of any tie, The last laugh, and Ready or Not. She will then appear in dramas Good girl jane and Along the ride.

Housekeeper in support of the cast and characters


Rylea Nevaeh Whittet as Maddy – Rylea Nevaeh Whittet plays Alex and Sean’s two-year-old daughter, Maddy. There is some difference in his exact age, but Whittet is a few years older than his character. Housemaid is her first acting role.

Billy Burke as Hank – Billy Burke plays Hank, Alex’s estranged father who started a new life and a new family without her. Burke has previously appeared in the dusk saga and TV shows such as Revolution, zoo, and Major crimes. Burke also currently appears in 9-1-1: The Lone Star.

Anika Noni Rose as Regina – Anika Noni Rose plays Regina, one of Alex’s wealthy clients for whom she cleans. Rose starred in The princess and the Frog, and will then appear in Johnny Black outlaw and Pantheon.

Tracy Vilar as Yolanda – Tracy Vilar plays Alex’s pragmatic boss, Yolanda. Vilar has appeared in projects such as Double penalty, Checked in, and lodge, and will then be in Research 2.

BJ Harrison as Denise – BJ Harrison plays Denise, the woman who runs the domestic violence shelter that Alex stays in. Harrison is best known for her roles in The rise of the planet of the apes, 2012, and The small mouse, and will then be in A Christmas to savor.

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