Mistakes Everyone Makes When Frying Food

One of our favorite things about fried foods is that delicious crispy coating. How disappointing is it, then, when the outer layer becomes greasy, soft, burned, or, perhaps worst of all, just falls off? To get that golden crust of your dreams, you’re going to want to bread or bread the food. Either way, you’ll probably start with a flour dredger, which, spruce eats notes, will help the batter or coating stick to the food.

In the case of breading, it doesn’t matter if you choose a light, crispy batter with sparkling water or a heartier batter with beer, time is running out, depending everyday food. You’ll want to prepare the batter just before using it and set up a station so you can dip each piece of food into the batter just before adding it to the hot oil, minimizing the mess.

Breading is another option for creating a crispy coating that requires three separate steps. This includes dredging, dipping the food in the egg to help the breading stick, and finally coating it in the breading, which can be made from regular breadcrumbs, panko breadcrumbs, or even seasoned breadcrumbs. Setting up a station allowing the three steps to be carried out successively, recommends spruce eats. This will cut down on the mess and allow you to create an even, crispy breading.

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