Newly married couples Attention! These mistakes accelerate weight gain

errors that accelerate weight gain

In the Covid-19 pandemic that has lasted for about a year and a half, weight gain has accelerated due to both inactivity and changes in eating habits. While many couples who postpone their marriage with the lifting of marriage bans live in marriage apartments, the excess weight that doesn’t keep you looking slim and fit in this process can be annoying. But watch out for newly married couples! The real danger begins later, because if you are not careful with your eating habits, especially the first year, new weight can add to the weight you are trying to lose! Elif Gizem Arıburnu, Nutrition and Food Specialist at Acıbadem International Hospital, said: “Research has shown that an average of 6 kg can be taken in the first year of marriage, and 7 or XNUMX kg depending on being single thereafter. The reason for this change is increased portions, invitations given, tea sohbets, desserts added to their diet, eating out, and not exercising can be counted. Nutrition and dietary specialist Elif Gizem Arıburnu listed 10 important rules for not gaining weight when married, and made some important warnings and suggestions.

don’t stand still

Exercise is of great importance in making healthy life sustainable. As you adjust to your new life, remember to include exercise in your routine. Try out the types of exercises that you can do together that feel good and support you. For example; like walking, biking, swimming or skipping rope. Once you have decided on the type of exercise you like, all you have to do is set aside 30 minutes a day.

Choose your small plates

With the excitement and happiness of being a family, newly married couples can go to extremes both in their daily diet and in the menu they prepare for the guests they invite to their home. Because of this, the weight can also increase without being noticed. In order not to experience this situation, make sure your meals are healthy and serve them on smaller plates instead of large ones. If dessert is to be eaten, choose light desserts such as the fruity keşkül.

Increase tea and coffee and don’t neglect water

Like the general public, newly married couples can increase their tea and coffee intake in the evening. The first point that is important here is that tea and coffee should be preferred without sugar. Another important point is to replace the water that tea and coffee can remove from the body. Therefore, the more tea and coffee you drink, the more water you need to drink and care should be taken to consume 35-40ml of water per kg in the summer.

Don’t make this mistake when you say “I must take good care of my wife”!

Every newlywed couple has heard the phrase “the marriage worked for you” at least once. Under this phrase is the meaning that your spouse is taking good care of you, and the thought of taking care of yourself is usually associated with food. Regardless of the man or the woman, don’t insist that your partner eats a little more at your meals. Don’t use phrases like “eat for me” or “you don’t eat me, you don’t love me” or eat more food than you need even if you are full of the thought “that would be a pity if I haven’t eaten it “.

Don’t add junk food to your tea

Nutrition and Food Specialist Elif Gizem Arıburnu “After dinner tea is essential for most of us to relieve the fatigue of the day and to relax. And when it is said that there is nothing sweet, tea alone is not enough, the consumption of pastries or packaged foods comes into play. Sugar in the packaged foods consumed, refined carbohydrates in the structure of the pastries; It can cause lubrication in the waist area, an increase in weight and, consequently, the development of insulin resistance. Therefore, small amounts of raw nuts / dried fruit snacks can be added to tea, not junk food. Teas can also be preferred as fruit flavored herbal tea which does not contain sugar instead of black tea.

Plan a weekly menu

Among the daily routines, it is the most difficult to think about what to cook at night. Weekly menu planning is the best way to avoid this stress. First off, what do you have in your fridge or freezer? Are there any products that are approaching the expiration date? Write them down and prioritize them on next week’s menu. When planning a menu with the products on hand, try to use the same ingredients on different days. For example; It’s like cooking peas and stuffing artichokes. As you continue to plan, don’t forget about the balance of protein, veggies, and carbohydrates.

Go shopping with a full stomach!

Make sure to go shopping. Work completed ; It has been clearly proven that foods with high sugar content are bought during gourmet shopping. Get into the habit of making a list before you go shopping so you can plan a healthy post-wedding diet plan, organize your budget and avoid waste. Determine the shortages according to the menu for the following week, order those to take. Prioritize the vegetable and fruit department, leave chicken meat last, and always prefer whole grain products in the carbohydrate group. Be careful not to enter unnecessary aisles when shopping, especially given the pandemic.

Set the time and duration of your dinner

When you come home from the hustle and bustle of the day, with your spouse. sohbet Evening meals eaten without realizing it grow longer. And as the time spent at the table increases, the amount of snacking from the food on the table increases. Therefore, to limit the time and duration of the dinner, put the table together after the meal and sohbet. Continuing in an environment where you will not be exposed to snacks will help your weight management.

Pay attention to this rule in your food orders!

Marriage means a new order and new responsibilities for both parties. Because of this, it may take a while to get used to it and establish a routine, which is perfectly normal. At first, the frequency of telling food from the outside is high, but this will decrease over time. But even at the beginning, it pays to take precautions. Instead of ordering fast food items outside, the priority should be somewhere that cooks home cooked meals. If we don’t have such an alternative, the combination of grilled lean meat / chicken / fish + salad / grilled vegetables is one of the best healthy alternatives that can be said from the outside. Be especially careful that the liquids you consume with it do not contain sugar.

Weigh yourself periodically

Nutrition and dietary specialist Elif Gizem Arıburnu said, “Reaching the zone of happiness, peace and comfort can induce relaxation in people. The weight gained with this relaxation can be noticed after a very long time. To be on the safe side, weigh yourself on the same day of the week, on the same scale, in the same clothes, at the same time. And write down your results. If you see increases for three weeks, it’s time to take action. Even if only one of the couples gained weight, it is important that both parties start to be careful about what they eat and help their partner stick with their diet by supporting it.

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