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MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

With the increase in shops and traffic to the central hub of the island, the Mandeville players are calling for a structuring development which will make it possible to mitigate the current effects on secular infrastructures.

Among the problems plaguing the city are traffic jams, which makes maneuvering work in space even more difficult, according to Sergeant Florzel Williams, traffic manager at Mandeville Police Station.

“I see Mandeville as a 17th century town. I haven’t seen any development in the last 10 years in Mandeville in terms of road development to support the type of traffic that goes through town, ”said Williams.

Although known as the place to be for retirees due to its rural and suburban offerings, Mandeville, which was developed in the 19th century, is a metaphor for confusion, overcrowding and disorder during rush hour, a said the sergeant.

“If you watch, there is [little to no] sidewalks in Mandeville, except Caledonia Road. People have to walk on the road, which means people and vehicles have to use the same space, ”Williams said. The gleaner.

Logistics nightmares

He said problems with inadequate delivery docks for business entities and parking spaces for customers are other issues that create logistical nightmares for police.

“We understand that marketing is running the city and we need to use our discretion as the police to allow them to park and deliver. There is no organized delivery day, and the police cannot arrange delivery days. The development of the parish and these things are the responsibility of the parish council, ”said the senior policeman.

But the city’s development plans, according to Manchester Municipal Corporation (MMC) chairman and Mandeville mayor Donovan Mitchell, have been on the books for years and it will take billions of dollars to come to fruition.

“We can enlarge the city, but we would have to take [some] out of town services. A few years ago a team was watching Hatfield at Kingsland at Spur Tree because that’s where we had land. But it would take billions of dollars and a planning government to develop this city, ”Mitchell said.

The mayor said the next best option to reduce congestion, which is being considered by the MMC and the National Works Agency, is to turn some of the roads into one-way roads.

He said that although developers have in the past succeeded in ignoring the stipulations of the planning ordinance, new buildings must be in full compliance with protocols, with owners clearly describing the arrangements. parking, among other features.

“We have had a dialogue with NEPA (National Environment and Planning Agency), so in order to expand the city for commercial buildings, we can have the city rezoned. Some of the roads we are looking at are New Green, Greenvale, Ward Avenue, Manchester Road, and Villa Road. If we are to stem migration, we need to create jobs and create space for commercial buildings. ”

As the proposed 2023 completion of the South Coast Highway nears, traffic to the parish is expected to increase dramatically, pushing more business ventures into the city.

After the bauxite companies closed in 2009, Manchester Chamber of Commerce (MCOC) President Simone Spence Johnson said there had been a noticeable increase in the number of companies established to date.

“We have agribusinesses, small manufacturers, retailers, food industry people, auto stores, financial institutions, construction companies, and equipment rental spaces, among others. But many family businesses, including [Chinese-owned stores] really take center stage, ”said Spence-Johnson.

Underused technology

Since the pandemic, Spence-Johnson has revealed that more and more companies have made technological advancements, resulting in the need for even more delivery services.

However, as technology and innovative methods continue to be under-utilized by other entities, the MCOC President believes that adapting to changing times is what is needed for the sustainability and logistics of crowd control.

But while established business owners are easily regulated, informal business operators such as vendors who sell their wares by the roadside continue to be a sensitive topic for the municipal police, who are also responsible for maintaining the business. order.

“You have the rogue vendors from outside the parish who come and set up mannequins, even by the side of the road, and sometimes the metro gives them a pass, but they abuse it and lose it. Sometimes if you allow these salespeople to do whatever they want, they’ll come out in the middle of the road. But law and order must prevail, ”said a seller in the Mandeville market.

Mitchell said plans are being tweaked with city police to keep order during the Christmas season.

Further, with calls for the expansion of taxi fleets, which are overflowing and adding to the woes, Mitchell said The gleaner that this too is part of the plans “on the books”.

“For our eastbound taxis at Nashville Park, we are looking to expand that and relocate the Porus Taxi Park,” the mayor said.

“Other than that, there isn’t a lot of land in the city center that you can expand to create a new taxi fleet.”

Traffic police expect the city’s private land to be used as temporary transport hubs to reduce traffic in the heavily trafficked weeks ahead until there is a permanent solution.

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