Nine Online Projects to Share in Screen Australia’s $ 1.9 Million

A series of nightmarish journeys for TikTok, an interactive choose-your-own romantic comedy and the third season of Meta Runner are among Screen Australia’s expected share of $ 1.8 million online projects.

The nine titles that will receive online production funding cover YouTube, Facebook, IGTV, TikTok, VR and even a bespoke smartphone app and website.

Screen Australia’s online manager Lee Naimo said the assortment of delivery platforms is a testament to the ingenuity of online creators in identifying and researching their audience.

“We have been blown away by the sheer volume of great apps coming this year and are proud to announce such a list of projects as part of Screen Australia’s ongoing commitment to online storytelling,” he said. he declares.

“These projects showcase the depth of local talent working in the online space, as well as the wide range of genres that affect viewers online.”

The Screen Australia online team has recently been restructured. Naimo’s title changed from Senior Director of Online Investments to Online Manager, and he oversees Investment and Development Directors Alyce Adams and Louise Cocks, as well as new Development and Production Manager Phoebe Willems.

“1 for all”

The funded projects are as follows:

1 for all S4 and S5: The popular YouTube series, which has gained more than 16 million views online, returns to continue the adventure of “rolling the dice”, a tribute to Dungeons and Dragons. The team continues the series with 12 new episodes. Three inane adventurers will botch more dangerous quests, befriend terrifying monsters and leave chaos in their wake. Writer / Director Elliot Ryan and Executive Producer / Cinematographer Goldie Soetianto once again team up with Producer Vincent Power.

Childish Deano: A six-part animated comedy about an exuberant 8-year-old boy with a grown male voice and a heart of gold. Deano lives for evil but he’s so charming and full of life that people can’t help but fall in love with him. Inspired by writer / director / producer Dean Thomas’ own childhood, the series will explore issues such as racism, socio-economic prejudice, autochthony and bullying. Dean Thomas, who is best known as the host of the ‘Chrissie, Sam and Browny’ breakfast show on Nova, has teamed up with writer / director / producer David Ferrier, producer Amanda Reedy and the executive producer Adele Thomas. This project will be released on Facebook and IGTV.

Black AS has restarted: Cover of the popular television series Black AS, this eight-part series will follow the Black AS boys strolling through the heart of Arnhem Land, as they cross their ancestral lands in search of adventure and good food. Each episode provides insight into their knowledge of the bush, innovative car repairs, survival skills, and a healthy respect for their old ways, celebrating what it’s like to be a young guy in the bush today. At the wheel are creators and screenwriters David Batty (Black AS Season 1, Season 2) and the Black AS boys; Dino Wanyabarrnga, Chicko Wanyabarrnga, Jerome Lilypiyana and Joseph Smith. They are joined by producer Steve Crombie and David Batty will direct. This project will be released on TikTok and YouTube via Totem Network.

Crossed paths: An interactive film that allows viewers to choose their own adventure by following the interconnected lives of 12 characters over the course of a day. With over 700 different travel combinations, the story takes place over a lazy summer Saturday and follows the interwoven mix of roommates, lovers, boyfriends, friends of friends, and complete strangers. Writer / director JJ Winlove will team up with producer Emily Bull in this romantic comedy. The project will be published on a bespoke website and also available on Smartphone.

Meta Runner Season 3: The third season of the Glitch Productions animated series picks up where it left off as MD-5 grapples with the aftermath of TAS-Corp’s downfall and the discoveries they made in their own lives. Follow Tari in this eight-part series as she delves into the plots of her past while competing for the survival of her friends and herself. The season sees the return of Meta Runner writer Jasmine Yang, director Matthew Peckham and producers Kevin Lerdwichagul and Luke Lerdwichagul. The season will be released on YouTube.

Sorella’s story: This immersive 360-degree film tells the true story of the thousands of Jewish women and children who perished at the hands of Nazi collaborators during the Holocaust on the cold beach of Skede in Latvia. The story is told by 11-year-old Sorella as the audience witnesses her family’s last trip. Sorella’s Story is written, directed and produced by Peter Hegedus and produced by Jaclyn McLendon and Bobbi-Lea Dionysius. The film is funded in association with Griffith University, with financial support from Screen Queensland and in-kind support from Griffith Film School.

The future of everything: An absurd anthology series that projects Australia into alternate versions of the future, challenging toxic masculinity, housing affordability, online radicalization and internet addiction through a satirical lens. This five-part animated short series is based on animator Mike Greaney’s Instagram comics and is produced by Nicholas Colla and Nicolette Minster. The future of everything will be broadcast on IGTV.

The monster with meFrom the popular TikTok channel, Shortest Blockbusters, which has generated over 2.5 billion views and attracted over 12 million followers, comes a short 10-part horror anthology series. Starring a monster who leads viewers through terrifying and immersive surreal experiences, this animated series is designed to bring audiences to face their deepest fears through terrifying nightmares when awake. Writer / Director / Producer Artin Rain teams up with producer Lucy Hayes.

Triple Oh!: Inspired by real people and real stories, Triple Oh! is a dark comedy-drama about a mismatched pair of queer paramedics learning about life, death, and each other. Director and producer Poppy Stockell teams up with writer Erica Harrison and executive producer Julie Kalceff. The six-part series will be broadcast primarily on the YouTube channel, OML (One More Lesbian).

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