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Panaji: Although diabetes and hypertension were found to be the most common comorbidities among victims of Covid-19, many of those who died were also obese. Doctors said that while obesity as a comorbidity in Covid-19 patients has not received due attention, it increases the risk of hospitalization and death.
“Obesity is linked to impaired immune function. This decreases lung capacity and can make ventilation more difficult, ”said breast specialist Dr Anil Mehndiratta.
People with the disease are also likely to develop other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease. Contracting the Covid-19 further complicates the situation.
“The diaphragm is the strongest muscle in the body. In obese people, its functioning is compromised. When these people have Covid-19 pneumonia, they will need more oxygen to maintain their oxygen saturation, ”said Dr. Uday Kakodkar, associate professor in the department of pulmonary medicine at GMC and administrative manager of the subspecialty block .
He said that during the ongoing second wave of the pandemic, the number of obese patients was higher in the 45-60 age group than in the 61-70 age group.
Mehndiratta said obese people are also likely to develop sleep apnea, a condition in which the level of oxygen saturation drops during sleep and which may not have been detected and treated before. “They will need more effort to breathe, so they will need additional oxygen and ventilation. Naturally, their chances of survival are diminishing, ”he said.
The case study, he said, suggests that the risks of hospitalization, admission to intensive care unit, invasive mechanical ventilation and death are higher with increasing mass index. body (BMI).
“The increased risk of hospitalization or death was particularly pronounced among those under 65,” Mehndiratta said.
In addition, the management of an obese patient on ventilatory assistance is difficult compared to a person who does not have one. “For example, moving a heavy patient is difficult for an attendant. There are still practical difficulties involved in the management of obese Covid-19 patients, ”Kakodkar said.

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