Pac-12 seeks new league headquarters

Here’s what progress in the Pac-12 looks like.

The Larry Scott era was a reign of error in the West. It was specifically a tenure in which Scott wasted a lot of money paying rent and living an extravagant lifestyle, while Pac-12 network staffers were fired and other relationship nightmares. public were happening.

Everyone in and around the Pac-12 knew that when Scott left, there was finally a time and an opportunity to get out of San Francisco and stop paying exorbitant office rental fees at league headquarters. .

John Canzano reports that discussions are already underway to explore relocating the Pac-12 headquarters. It’s a long-awaited decision that will help put the Pac-12’s finances in order.

Chancellors and university presidents from the Pac-12 Conference will meet today (Saturday) with Commissioner George Kliavkoff in a secluded meeting space at the Park MGM Hotel and Casino.

Among the items on the agenda of the Pac-12 CEO Group: The relocation of the conference headquarters.

Here it is in plain English.

The final arrangement for the conference might involve unexpected additional details and twists, but the basic reality is that the league definitely plans to move from San Francisco, and away from the exorbitant rental costs that Larry Scott insisted on paying: 92 million dollars over the last 11 years.

Canzano noted that the Big Ten paid $15 million in rent over that same 11-year period and the SEC paid peanuts.

The Pac-12 is about to save a lot of money under George Kliavkoff.

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