Patriot Gold Group Expands ‘2022 Inflation Protection IRA’ with Preferred Platinum Level No-Cost Life IRA

“Wake Me Up At The End Of September” – Green Day

LOS ANGELES, August 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — September is right around the corner, and warnings of an aggressive rate hike are echoing the already worried, battered and battered halls of Wall Street. According to BARRON’s and Wall Street, “The S&P posted an average 1% loss in September – dating back to 1928 – that’s worth the month of the year.” “The same goes for the Dow Jones dating back to 1896, it’s the worst monthly performance for either index in the calendar year. The likelihood of a three-quarter point interest rate hike in September has increased last week.” Another warning echoing throughout Wall Street “don’t fight the Fed” is making headlines in addition to the worst performing month of the year, many believe this coming September could spell disaster.

Patriots Serving Patriots announces reimbursement of “stagflation protection” fees on many retirement options before October 1.

JP Morgan expects another large rate hike by the Fed in September, given that “there was little evidence to date that inflationary pressures were easing.” the case for another mega rate hike next month.”

JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon has warned wealthy clients there’s a chance the US is heading for ‘something worse’ than a recession’ and ‘storm clouds’ are looming ahead. horizon, including federal monetary policies, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and rising oil prices, JP Morgan reportedly put the odds of a “soft landing” at around 10%.Steve Forbes backed Jamie Dimon’s outlook and reiterated ‘a storm is brewing’ and a ‘great financial crisis’ is ahead.Economist Nouriel Roubini said there are two options for the US economy, given the campaign the Federal Reserve’s most aggressive tightening in decades: a hard landing for the economy or persistently high inflation, who believes it will be difficult for the central bank to avoid a deep and painful recession, also called hard landing.

Morgan Stanley’s Mike Wilson warns summer stock market rebound is a ‘trap’ and Blackrock said summer stock market rally ‘not worth chasing’ ‘risk of disappointing results is one why we are tactically underweight equities”. Citi Global Chief Economist Nathan Sheets said “recent economic data has been central bankers’ worst nightmare, on the one hand I would say there is very clear evidence of a slowdown in the global demand and on the other hand, there is clear evidence that inflationary pressures persist.”

Bank of America recently forecast that the Fed would be forced to cut rates in 2023 to fight a mild recession, “and if the Fed cuts rates to stimulate demand, quantitative tightening is likely – where the central bank sells assets to drain liquidity – According to Rich Checkan, president and co-founder of Assets Strategies International, “what the Federal Reserve does next could push gold up to $2,400 an ounce in the next 12 months “.tightening once the economy starts to slump, adding that we still have one or two rate hikes left in the US before the Fed CUTS rates.” I don’t think Powell is ready to risk a horrible recession, inflation is so much further at this point in interest rates than what Volker started to face.”

Wells Fargo said “the strength of the US dollar has hurt the price of gold, robbing it of its safe-haven appeal, but that’s not a game-changer for gold which may still end the year on top. $2,000 an ounce. Wells Fargo’s year-end gold price target is still at $2,050 an ounce, which they consider reasonably achievable given recession stories. ” Rob McEwen of McEwen Mining Corp. agrees with the market sentiment, “The Fed has created a monster with monetary expansion and low interest rates, it’s going to take some time to tame that. “Amidst this economic turmoil, he sees an opportunity in gold. McEwen predicts $5,000 an ounce of gold in the ‘next two to three years.'” It’s just market rotation. from one sector to another… when suddenly the mood changes, and it becomes less optimistic, then one wonders “How can I preserve what I have?” “And gold has served this function for millennia.”

Jeffries Group said “Gold remains a critical hedge as the threat of stagflation – an environment of low growth and higher inflation continues to mount” Jeffries maintained that its long-term guidance remains in place for the gold prices reach $5,500 an ounce.

patriots Portion Patriots announces reimbursement of “stagflation protection” fees on many retirement options by October 1, 2022.

Patriot Gold Group recorded record attendance for its “2021 Inflation Protection America First IRA” with our NO FEES FOR LIFE IRA for eligible IRAs. Patriot Gold Group extends the benefits and features of our NEW “Platinum Tiered NO FEE FOR LIFE IRA Inflation Protection” and waives fees for dedicated, secure, and insured storage of your safe-haven assets so that you – a fellow American – have one less to worry about. Patriot Gold Group has introduced our “Platinum Tiered No Fee For Life IRA” with additional benefits such as payment for unqualified storage and insurance and registered and insured shipping on distributions.

Call the Patriot Gold Group at 800-974-4653 (GOLD) for exclusive details on our incentives, or if you simply have questions regarding current market performance. We’re here to help, serve, and adhere to the principles that have helped Patriot Gold Group recognize Patriot Gold Group as the Top IRA Gold & Silver Dealer Nationwide for an unprecedented six consecutive years (that’s i.e. 2016-2022) with the Better Business Bureau.

About Jack Hanney Jack Hanney is the CEO and co-founder of Patriot Gold Group, and a nationally sought-after financial speaker and guest. Recently featured on Fox Los Angeles Have a nice day LA, Newsmax, OANN and FOX23 Tulsa, he is frequently interviewed about the global health crisis and its impact on the global economy. Here: FOX23TULSAJACKHANNEY (PLEASE click on the LINK).

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