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The spookiest time of the year is just around the corner, but not everyone likes to leave the house to party and there are only a limited number of movies that can be watched. For anyone looking for a way to celebrate Halloween besides the typical festivities, here are some spooky video games to get you into the Halloween spirit.

The mortuary assistant

“The Mortuary Assistant” is a recent release, guaranteed to leave avid horror fans in awe. In such an overwhelming world of content, it’s getting harder and harder to find a well-made horror game that stands out. The player will take on the role of an apprentice at the Riverfield morgue, which involves embalming corpses. After arriving late one night to help the player’s boss, the apprentice will find he has gotten more than expected when tasked with finding out which corpse is possessed by a demon. “The Mortuary Assistant” ticks all the boxes – demons, corpses and jump scares. If you are not easily spooked, this game is for you.

Available on Steam

Little Nightmares I & II

If you’re looking for a game to give you the creeps that isn’t too difficult, this is the one for you. With monsters and spooky graphics, this puzzle platformer will make you feel the Halloween spirit. Although the first game is single-player only, if you’re looking for two-player fun, the second “Little Nightmares” is for you. Players find themselves as a little girl trying to escape from a creepy mansion full of monsters. It doesn’t matter which game you decide to play in terms of story as the second game is the prequel to the first one. While still not as scary as “The Mortuary Assistant”, I can’t promise that the monsters in this game won’t keep you up at night.

Available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation

Dead in broad daylight

Another great game to play with friends or alone, “Dead by Daylight” has a few different playstyles, so there’s something for everyone. The fun part is that players can choose whether they want to play as a “killer” or a “survivor”, so it’s up to what suits them. In this 4v1 survival game, four players face off against a killer and must repair a set number of generators in order to power up their escape doors before the killer sends them all to “the entity”. This game is also great for those who are fans of popular horror movies and games as the game features licensed killers and characters from “Scream”, “Halloween”, “Saw”, “Resident Evil” and more Again. Although the game can be a learning curve, it has a lot of replay value if you’re up for the challenge. The game also holds an annual Halloween event, so if you’re playing right now, you can expect some fun in-game decorations, events, and rewards.

Available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation and mobile devices


Although a few of the previous games are multiplayer, for those Looking for something to play with friends for Halloween fun, “Phasmophobia” is the best. Put on your ghost hunting suits and get ready to hunt down a ghost. In this award-winning game, there’s a level for everyone. Players can choose maps from small to giant and play on difficulties ranging from beginner to nightmare mode, giving players the chance to find what suits them. While this game can definitely be scary, I’d say it’s right in the middle for those who don’t get scared easily but also want to sleep peacefully. “Phasmophobia” is also having a Halloween event, where players can get extra points for finding candies and pumpkins on the map, and will get a special Halloween trophy if they complete enough spooky objectives.

Available on Steam

Luigi’s mansion 3

Last on this list is for those who are afraid to get up and walk down the dark hallway to fetch water at night. “Luigi’s Mansion 3” is a double prime game, following the series that has evolved over the years. In this action-adventure game, players will take on the role of Luigi as they catch ghosts and solve puzzles to save Mario and his friends. If you want a game that will put you in a spooky mood without any spooky factors, this is the one for you.

Available on Nintendo Switch

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