Pokémon: 10 things teachers study in base games

In each of the nuclei Pokemon games, there is always at least one Pokémon teacher who is there to send the player on their way and explain the basics. Often times, these teachers are there to help introduce a new mechanic, although some exist just to add more knowledge to the games.

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That said, the professors themselves are invaluable in understanding how the world of Pokemon works, both indoors and outdoors. Everyone’s specialty is adding a new layer to the games and making the player feel like they’re actually helping something in their quest to fill the Pokédex instead of taking a back seat.

ten Professor Samuel Oak studies the relationship between humans and Pokémon

Professor Oak, from Pokemon

The first Pokémon teacher himself, Oak studies the relationship between humans and Pokémon and assigns the player to complete their own Pokédex to help them with their studies.

Oak is also referenced often in games, showing that he is incredibly prolific in the Pokémon world. This makes sense, considering the world is so heavy with battles and coaches that the professor who studies this behavior is well known and well regarded. He was also a coach himself before becoming a teacher, which his grandson follows.

9 Professor Elm studies reproductive patterns

Pokémon Professor Elm

Professor Elm was the teacher for the Johto region and studied Pokémon breeding patterns to help introduce a whole new mechanic into the games.

He encouraged the player to go out and figure out how breeding works and he’s probably the one who developed the different egg groups used throughout the series to designate which Pokémon can breed with which. Perhaps he would also know why Nidoking and Nidoqueen were not put in the same groups and therefore cannot reproduce.

8 Professor Birch studies the Pokémon dwelling

Pokemon Professor Birch

Professor Birch de Hoenn is encountered while trying to study a packet of Poochyena and is attacked as his bag full of rare Pokémon is out of reach. Birch makes a lot of sense as a teacher and feels solidly like a real-world biologist, as he studies the habitation of Pokémon.

It seems Birch would get along with New Pokémon Snap Professor Mirror, because they both research the same things like where and how different Pokémon live in the wild.

7 Professor Rowan studies evolutionary models

Pokémon Professor Rowan

It took all the way up to the fourth generation to find a teacher who studied one of the essential parts of the Pokemon world: evolution. Professor Rowan was a less sympathetic teacher and rightly wanted to study the weird events that involve the evolution of Pokémon, what it actually did to a Pokémon, and if it was worth it for them to do.

It’s a little strange for an evolution professor to show up so late on the show, but Rowan really helped shed light and change the way the world viewed evolution as a whole.

6 Professor Juniper studies mythology

Pokémon Professor Juniper

Sinnoh was a region full of lore and history, and Professor Juniper was there to research the mythology behind it all. She was unique because she was both the first female teacher in the main series and one of the few who actively traveled the map.

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Juniper also appears to be close to champion Cynthia who also studies mythology a lot. Of all the professors, she would probably be the most excited about the player who brings her a legendary elder.

5 Professor Sycomore studies Mega Evolution

Pokémon Professor Sycamore

Professor Sycamore de Kalos made waves with his reveal as he was the first male teacher deemed attractive by fans. It was shocking to have a well-dressed teacher, and Sycamore associated the style with flashy and exaggerated gestures that only added to its appeal.

Sycamore studied Mega Evolution and was one of the few teachers willing to take on the protagonist. He also had an impressive lab, which most other teachers still lack.

4 Professor Kukui studies the movements of Pokémon

Professor Kukui, Pokémon

Professor Kukui felt more like a best friend than a teacher and was ready to get dirty for his studies of Pokémon movements. It is a specialty that has taken a very long time to be tackled by a homeroom teacher, given that a lot of the games are about combat.

He’s willing to literally take a beating to figure out the movements of the Pokémon around him, how they perform them, and what sorts of things they can do with them. Kukui is also ready to keep fighting even after becoming a teacher, as evidenced by the fact that he creates Alola’s own Pokémon league and fights the player for the title of champion.

3 Professor Samson Oak studies regional variants

Pokemon Professor Samson Oak

Professor Samson Oak is the cousin of Professor Samuel Oak who lives in Alola and studies Regional Variants, a new way to redesign Pokémon with new types introduced in the Sun and Moon Games.

Samson Oak also studies Island Totem Pokémon and delves into what makes them so much more special than those around them. Judging by the fact that Samson mentions that he sent Gary Z crystals and expects him to visit Alola, it can be assumed that he has done at least some research on Z crystals and Z movements with Professor Kukui.

2 Professor Burnet studies ultra wormholes

Pokémon Professor Burnet

Professor Burnet is Kukui’s wife and made her debut in Pokémon Dream Radar, but reappears in Sun Moon, and their Ultra counterparts. She first studied Pokémon and their relationship to other dimensions, but takes a significant turn to study Ultra Wormholes over the course of the games.

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It was interesting to see Burnet come back and take so much intrigue on his shoulders, helping the protagonist in her incredible lab uncover the Ultra Beasts and the many dimensions behind the Wormholes.

1 Professor Magnolia studies Dynamaxing

Pokémon Professor Magnolia

Professor Magnolia is an elderly professor on the verge of retirement in the Galar region. She has made such intense progress in studying Dynamaxing that it has clearly changed everything about how the region works.

Everything about Galar revolves around Dynamaxing, from Raid Dens to the Champion’s Cup. However, Magnolia was able to convince her granddaughter Sonia to start investigating unexplained events in the area and eventually handed her her lab coat.

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