Rachel Platten’s Health Crisis Revealed: Will the ‘Fight Song’ Singer Ever Release a New Song?

After the birth of her child, Rachel Platten had an “extremely tough battle” with her mental health.

Rachel Platten shares the health crisis

On Instagram, the American singer honored her six-month journey around her baby with a long post explaining her postpartum struggles and how she overcame them.

“Sophie is 6 months old today. Wow.” the 40-year-old singer-songwriter, who rose to popularity in 2015 with his ballad “Fight Song.” wrote, captioning a photo of her holding her daughter and smiling. It is obvious that she is happy to have taken this step.

“I feel so proud of myself, I’ve been through an incredibly painful battle with my sanity, long days that seemed impossible and tears that kept falling and nights that seemed endless when my poor scared body wouldn’t let me sleep,” she later shared.

She revealed she only reached this point of being better because she was willing to help herself – using “every tool possible”, even the ones that in the past hurt her. fear. She shared that she now feels constant joy, comfort, power and, most importantly, “genuine hope.”

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After embracing her “insecurities, vulnerabilities and all my shiny beautiful things”, she now has a greater sense of self-worth and authority.

Kevin Lazan and Platten welcomed their second child, Sophie Jo, six months ago, completing their baby family with three-year-old daughter Violet Skype.

In closing her message, she offers a few words of encouragement to people who are also struggling with mental health issues.

She said she just wanted to reach out to the dark, adding that she believes people who go through the same difficulties can experience joy again.

In the meantime, the fact that she is here is proof that it is possible. The singer shared that everyone has the ability to be their own heroes. She concluded the message by providing a motivational remark provided by her aunt, following the death of her partner in a marriage that spanned 50 years.

The quote reads, “Rachel, no one’s gonna save you. Be your own hero. Do one brave thing today. Do one more tomorrow. Win the day. You can do it.”

The singer said her aunt taught her to crawl out of misery,” and now she’s passing it on.

Rachel Platten New Song 2022

In 2020, the singer said she laments the fact that her song was spin-dried for political purposes and other causes and yet her own voice disappeared, as she was unable to use it more, for best, given the opportunity. Will she release a new single soon?

In the end, Platten’s “Fight Song” was co-opted and overplayed to the point that it now carries with it a whiff of political failure.

For the first time in 2020, she told Esquire that she was able to look back on her time in the spotlight and see how it related to her goals as an artist and felt deep regret.

She regretted not using her voice more effectively during the 2016 presidential campaign. “I empathize with the girl I was, who was scared, but now if I had been in that situation , I’d grab the fucking mic and be like, ‘I’m glad I got your ears. That’s what we have to do.'”

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